Idaho's Wild Horses

Four Mile Herd Management Area

The Four Mile HMA includes about 18,034 acres of public and other land within the Four Rivers field office. The HMA is located about 15 miles north of Emmett, Idaho, amongst rolling hills and sagebrush steppe. Four Mile horses share the HMA with other wildlife, including deer, antelope and upland game birds. 

The Four Mile wild horses are known to be of excellent size with good conformation and color. This is the result of the influence of released Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse studs to the herds periodically up to 1978. It is also suspected that horses bred for Cavalry Re-Mounts may have also influenced the herd. In addition to the typical colors of bay, brown, and black, the wild horses include many chestnuts, pintos, paints, roans, grays, duns, grullos, and a few Appaloosas.  
Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) for wild horses within the Four Mile HMA are 37-60.   

Last gather for the Four Mile HMA: October, 2009.

the Four Mile HMAhorse from the four mile herd