BLM Idaho GeocachingHow to Use your Public Land Adventurer Passport Book

Please use this passport book to track your progress as you explore geocache locations on Idaho's public lands.  Collect electronic stamps for each destination you locate and be rewarded with a prize from us! Check out the steps below to learn more about your passport book.

  1. Download your own Passport Book (fillable PDF format document).
  2. Save the Passport Book to your personal computer so you can start tracking your progress.
  3. Please personalize your passport book.  Don't forget to add a photo of yourself along with your name, age, hometown and the date.
    Please Note: You will only be able to save your personalized changes if you have Adobe Professional. If you have Adobe Reader, you will be only be able to save a blank copy of the Passport Book. Once you are ready to redeem your prize, you can still enter this information into your Passport Book, but you will just need to immediately print it off because you can't save it.
  4. For the convenience of our geocachers across Idaho, our 20 total geocache locations will be grouped together in each of our 4 BLM districts - Boise (Southwest), Coeur d'Alene (North), Idaho Falls (East) and Twin Falls (South Central). Pay attention to each of our cache names on the website to learn where each cache is located. Just choose the region closest to your home and start collecting!  Each district hosts 5 cache boxes (4 specific district caches and 1 state cache).  Once you have located 4 caches for a specific district, you will earn a prize.  Cachers can choose between a flier frisbee or a pin. For our explorers interested in traveling the state - If you locate 1 box in each district from our statewide list (4 total), you will be eligible for the state prize. These cache boxes will be listed specifically as our "State" boxes on the website.
  5. After visiting each BLM geocache destination, you will be awarded with a specific electronic stamp for your location. 
  6. Save each electronic stamp to your computer.
  7. When you're ready to add your stamps to your passport book, just open your saved passport book and click each box to keep track of your progress. Please check out our example passport if you need further clarification. Don't forget to re-save your updated passport book each time you add a new stamp. Please Note: If you have have Adobe Reader, you won't be able to save your document with the stamps in your Passport Book.
  8. After you have found all 4 destinations for a given BLM district or our 4 specific state-wide boxes, print off your passport book and bring it to one of the following BLM offices to redeem your prize. 
  • Idaho BLM State Office: 1387 South Vinnell Way  Boise, Idaho 83709
  • Idaho Falls District Office: 1405 Hollipark Drive  Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
  • Twin Falls District Office: 2526 Kimberly Road  Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
  • Coeur d'Alene District Office: 3815 Schreiber Way  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  83815
  • Cottonwood Field Office: 1 Butte Drive  Cottonwood, Idaho  83522

We encourage to you to find as many caches as you can, but please note that each explorer will be limited to only one district prize and one state prize.  Thanks!  
Seymour Antelope 

Seymour Antelope is BLM Idaho's first Public Land Adventurer and has already started his treasure hunt. Check out his passport book here.