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The BLM held a series of initial public meetings in November 2010 to initiate planning, gather comments, and begin collecting other information about access and motorized route usage in Owyhee County.  These meetings served as the initial opportunity for reviewing the base maps that are being used during planning.

Travel management planning is about gathering comprehensive inventory information and using it to manage motorized transportation on public lands in the planning area — in this case, Owyhee County west of the Bruneau River.  The goal of planning is sound, sustainable management for multiple use — not closing off access.

The BLM greatly appreciates attendance at public meetings and highly values the comments received.  
As future meetings or workshops are scheduled, information will be posted here and announced through local media.

Fall 2010

October 27 Boise BLM District Office
November 4 Nampa | Civic Center
November 9 Grand View | Rimrock High School
November 10 Murphy | Owyhee Co. Historical Museum



roadway sign on a backcountry