Owyhee County Travel Management
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base map

an initial map on which information is placed for purposes of comparison or geographical correlation


route designation indicating non-availability for use.  "Closed" has a specific regulatory meaning related to OHV use.
decisionalso management decision: a decision made by the BLM to manage certain public lands in a particular way; includes both land use plan decisions and implementation decisions
inventorybaseline information gathered at the beginning of the planning process; includes existing roads, primitive roads, and trails managed for all uses.  Inventories include maps, as well as information on the current authorized uses and characteristics of each road, primitive road, trail or other linear feature.
FLPMAthe Federal Land Policy and Management Act, enacted in 1976 (P.L. 94-579); considered the BLM's "Organic Act," it contains the majority of the agency's legislated authority, policy direction and basic management guidance
GISgeographic information system: a system of computer hardware, software, data, people and applications that captures, stores, edits, analyzes and displays geospatial information
limitedroute designation proscribing use by season or mode of transportation


National Environmental Policy Act
OHVoff-highway vehicle; e.g., ATV, motorcycle, UTV

Omnibus Public Land Management Act

also known as Public Law (P.L.) 111-11; signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 29, 2009.  Subtitle F deals with lands in Owyhee County, Idaho: designates Wilderness areas and Wild & Scenic Rivers, releases former WSA lands not included in Wilderness for multiple use, directs the BLM to complete a travel management plan for non-wilderness lands in the county


route designation denoting availability for use.  "Open" has a specific regulatory meaning related to OHV use.

planning area

the public lands addressed in a particular planning document and associated decision; the planning area for the Owyhee County TMP are public lands in the portion of Owyhee County bounded on the west by Oregon, on the south by Nevada and the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, on the north by the Snake River, and on the east by the Bruneau River.


describes a transportation linear feature that generally does not meet any BLM road design standards; used mainly by 4WD or high-clearance vehicles

public land

land or interest in land owned by the United States and administered by the Secretary of the Interior through the BLM without regard to how the United States acquired ownership

resource management plan

(RMP): a BLM planning document that presents systematic guidelines for making management decisions for a planning area, prepared in accordance with Section 202 of FLPMA


a linear route declared a road by the owner, managed for use by low-clearance vehicles having 4 or more wheels and maintained for regular, continuous use


a linear route managed for human-powered, stock or OHV travel/transportation, or for historical or heritage values; not generally managed for use by 4WD or high-clearance vehicles

transportation linear feature

the broadest catagory of transportation-related physical disturbance - planned or unplanned - on BLM-managed land; e.g., an engineered road or trail, or a user-defined non-engineered road or trail created through public use

travel management plan

part of the resource management plan (RMP) for an area of BLM-managed land that addresses the modes and conditions of travel associated with all resource uses, including recreational, traditional, casual, agricultural, commercial, and educational


Last updated: 11-30-2015