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Why is the BLM doing the Owyhee Travel Management Plan?
Section 1507 of the 2009 Omnibus Public Land Management Act requires preparation of one or more plans to manage motorized and mechanized off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation on BLM-managed lands in Owyhee County.

What is the project area boundary?
The area that is the focus of this travel management plan is bounded on the west by Oregon, on the south by Nevada and the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, on the north by the Snake River, and on the east by the Bruneau River. This amounts to approximately 2.8 million acres of BLM-managed public lands, which are administered by the BLM Boise District.

Didn’t the BLM already develop travel management plans for areas of Owyhee County?
Yes. The BLM has TMPs in place for OHV use at Hemingway Butte, in the Murphy Subregion, and in the Wilson Creek area.  The County-wide plan being developed now will for the first time address routes that lie outside these areas while carrying forward the decisions in these other three plans for routes in their respective planning areas.

Why does the BLM need to manage access? 
The goal of the TMP is providing reasonable and varied transportation access to and through public lands for a variety of motorized and non-motorized activities while protecting natural and cultural resources from degradation and loss. The TMP will be a comprehensive transportation plan for the area, including the northern part of the County known as the Owyhee Front, which is experiencing increased demand for outdoor recreation due to its proximity to the population centers of the Treasure Valley.

What about the portion of Owyhee County that is on the east side of the Bruneau River?
This portion of the County is administered by the Jarbidge Field Office (Twin Falls District). The resource management plan (RMP) for Jarbidge is currently being revised. A separate TMP for these lands will be completed within five years after the RMP revision is completed.

What access will you allow in the Wilderness areas?
Access within wilderness boundaries are being addressed in the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness/Wild & Scenic River Management Plan. The TMP will address access to the Wilderness areas in the form of routes that lead to wilderness trailheads or areas of interest at or near wilderness boundaries.

How can I be involved and comment on this process?
The BLM will hold public meetings and workshops throughout the planning process and will make updated information fully available on the project website. The BLM needs and welcomes all comments on how people live, work and play using motorized travel routes on BLM-managed lands in Owyhee County. 



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What is a travel management plan?

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