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Travel Management

Owyhee County Public Lands
Travel Management Plan

The BLM is developing a travel management plan (TMP) for motorized routes on non-Wilderness public lands in Owyhee County west of the Bruneau River, as required in the Omnibus Public Land Management Act (OPLMA) of 2009.  The Act requires BLM to develop a travel management plan for all of Owyhee County and  also restricts all vehicle travel to existing routes until BLM completes the plan.

During the planning process, the BLM will gather as much information as possible about how people live, work and play on these public lands.

The BLM is compiling a complete route inventory and identifying issues and concerns to be addressed in the plan. While the official comment period has been completed, the BLM is still interested in your feedback as we work to complete a travel management plan.  Help BLM better understand your concerns by answering these questions in your comments.

For more information, contact TJ Clifford, Boise District Outdoor Recreation Planner, at (208) 384-3300.

  The BLM is interested in knowing:

  • What kind of OHV(s) do you ride? (ATV, motorcycle, UTV)
  • Where in the county do you ride? (location description by latitude/longitude or township/range/ section)
  • When do you ride in the area? (spring, summer, fall, winter, year-round)
  • Why do you use the routes? Why are they important?
  • How are routes used - recreation, competition, access?
  • Are there other issues or concerns?

Hemingway OHV area, Owyhee Front 

directional sign on a backcountry route in Owyhee County

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