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Travel Management

Owyhee County Public Lands
Travel Management Plan

The BLM is developing a travel management plan (TMP) for motorized routes on non-Wilderness public lands in Owyhee County west of the Bruneau River, as required in the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 (OPLMA).  

All vehicle travel in the planning area is limited to existing routes until the BLM completes the TMP. 

Using information gathered during scoping and public comment, the BLM has developed a comprehensive inventory if existing routes on non-Wilderness public lands in Owyhee County. Routes have been compiled into a series of base maps that are being used for route evaluation and subsequent development of a proposed action and alternatives. 

The planning area is divided into five sub-regions.  Route evaluation has begun for the Canyonlands East and NCA sub-regions.  When the process is complete for the East and NCA sub-regions, planning will move to Canyonlands West and then on to the Grandview and Silver City sub-regions. 

Completing these steps for all five sub-regions is expected to take until 2017.

For more information, contact Owyhee TMP project manager TJ Clifford at (208) 384-3300.

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 map showing Owyhee travel management planning sub-regions

  Subregion   AcreageMiles
  Canyonlands East     841,2001102
  NCA     196,330  292
  Canyonlands West     702,5001390
  Grandview     379,5501238
  Silver City     764,7401087