Travel Management Planning

Travel on Public Lands

Whether motorized or non-motorized, on roads and trails or cross-country, travel on the public lands is a resource that the BLM manages along with numerous others.

Travel management plans (TMPs) designate road and trail systems in the context of the broader resource management plan (RMP) for a particular area. 

An RMP identifies motorized travel area designations: areas that are open to cross-country travel, where travel is limited to existing or designated routes, or closed to all motorized travel.  Most public lands are in the limited category.  Lands may be closed to motorized travel when they contain sensitive or legally protected resources or to protect public safety.  Some closures are seasonal or otherwise temporary, such as emergency closures to allow lands to stabilize and recover following a wildland fire.

Motorized cross-country travel (off-road) is discouraged in all but small areas designated specifically for this activity because it can damage wildlife habitat, spread noxious weeds, increase erosion, or ignite wildfires.

A TMP establishes designated routes on lands where travel is limited in the RMP.  The travel plan may also specify or limit the types of travel allowed on designated routes: motorized (motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, 4WD, snowmobiles, etc.) and/or non-motorized.


OHV riders in the Challis area

horseback riding on the Owyhee Front

Travel Management Planning in Idaho

BLM-Idaho has embarked on travel management planning for nearly 30 route system areas on the 11.6 million acres of public lands the agency manages in the Gem State.  Active public participation and review are integral to travel planning.

The table below shows TMPs that have been completed (shaded and 'Miles designated') or are in progress.  Plan names link to documents in the ePlanning database.

Idaho map with Field Office boundaries

mountain bikers on the Rotarun Trail system in the Shoshone Field Office

TMP Name/Planning Area

 Hemingway Butte
 Wilson Creek
 Owyhee County
 Coeur d'Alene Field Office
 Cottonwood Field Office
 Challis Field Office
 Salmon North
 Salmon South
 Upper Snake River Corridor
 Bear Lake
 Black Rock/Chinese Peak
 Soda Hills
 Curlew/Deep Creeks 
 North Hwy 20 [Shoshone]
 Craters of the Moon


  Acres  |  Miles designated

            192open play
  2,884,000in progress
     300,000in progress  


in progress
     240,000in progress