Upper Snake Resource Management Plan

The resource management plan (RMP) for the BLM Upper Snake Field Office will direct the agency's management of approximately 1.8 million acres of public lands in eastern Idaho. 

The BLM currently administers these lands under four separate land use plans: the Big Desert Management Framework Plan (MFP), the Big Lost MFP, the Little Lost/Birch Creek MFP and the Medicine Lodge RMP. The single Upper Snake RMP will replace these four plans once it is completed. 

The comprehensive RMP will respond to changes in resource conditions and new issues and policies that have arisen since the earlier plans were completed.

Notice of IntentCompleted 
Feb. 28, 2008
Public scoping | Final Scoping ReportCompleted 
Sept. 2008

Analysis of the Mgmt. Situation

Dec. 2009
Draft EISIn Progress 
(Spring 2016)
Public comment 
Final EIS 
Protest period+30 days
Governor's Consistency+60 days
Protest resolution 
Record of Decision 

email | upper_snake_rmp@blm.gov

sunset on the South Fork Snake River