EIS | Smoky Canyon Mine, Panels F+G

The Smoky Canyon phosphate mine has been operating since 1983 on Federal leases in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest near the Idaho-Wyoming border.  The original authorization approved five large open pits known as Panels A through E.  

In 2008, the BLM authorized extension of mining activities into Panels F and G, on lands south of the existing mine.  In February 2013, proponent J.R. Simplot Company submitted proposed adjustments and modifications to the approved plans for Panels F and G, which would result in an additional 160 acres of surface disturbance, among other changes. 

panorama of Smoky Canyon phosphate mine


Notice of Intent | June.24.2013 
Scoping letter | Scoping report  

Notice of AvailabilityMay.30.2014 
Draft EIS | News Release  

Notice of AvailabilityMarch.27.2015
Final EIS | News Release  

Records of Decision | June.15.2015 




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