Gateway West Transmission Line

The BLM has authorized siting of the Gateway West transmission line on Federal lands in Wyoming and Idaho.  A decision on siting segments 8 and 9 (in southwestern Idaho) was deferred to allow for further collaboration with stakeholders and State and local government officials before authorizing these segments. 

The Boise District Resource Advisory Council has reported on options for siting segments 8 and 9 and on a mitigation and enhancement portfolio proposed by Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power, the project proponents. 

Report on route optionsReport on M&E Portfolio 
Meeting notes : presentation to RAC (June.05.2014)

BLM Gateway West project website


Public Law 103-64, establishing 
the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area 

Birds of Prey NCA Resource Management Plan (2008) 

BLM Manual Sec. 6100 :: National Landscape Conservation System Management 

BLM Manual Sec. 6220
:: National Monuments, National Conservation Areas and Similar Designations

BLM Manual Sec. 1794 (Draft) :: Regional Mitigation | Instruction Memorandum No. 2013-142 

Secretarial Order No. 3330 | Oct.31.2013 
Improving Mitigation Policies & Practices of the Dept. of the Interior

Idaho Infrastructure Development Map ("Conflict Map")

Westwide Energy Corridor designation | under Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Sec. 368)

lineman servicing a powerline, photo courtesy Idaho Power/Rocky Mountain Power



thumbnail map of BLM-authorized routes for Gateway West transmission line