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simulated view of 500-kilovolt transmission lines at an observation point on the Preferred Alternative route for Gateway West

The BLM has published the Final SEIS and Proposed Land Use Plan Amendments 

Key changes between the Draft and Final SEIS

   The Final SEIS identifies the BLM's Preferred Alternative and the Environmentally Preferable Alternative.


The Final SEIS applies the Department of the Interior's Mitigation Hierarchy to address project impacts.

The Hierarchy prioritizes avoidance of adverse impacts. Impacts that cannot be avoided should be minimized to reduce or eliminate adverse effects over time.

If residual impacts still remain, compensatory mitigation may be required for effects to important, scarce or sensitive resources.

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 Notice of Intent  Sept. 19, 2014

 Scoping  through Oct. 20, 2014

 Draft Supp. EIS  March 11, 2016

 Final Supp. EIS  Oct. 7, 2016 | newsletter :: news release

 Protest  through Nov. 7, 2016

 Record of Decision

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