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      Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement | Segments 8 & 9








computer-simulated view of towers at an observation point along a proposed route

The BLM is preparing a supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) analyzing new information associated with segments 8 and 9 of the Gateway West transmission line project.

The Draft SEIS was published on March 11, 2016.  

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The BLM is preparing the Final Supplemental EIS. 

Comments submitted during the 90-day public comment period that closed on June 9, 2016, are being 
analyzed and where appropriate, changes are being made to the analysis that will appear in the Final SEIS. 

Responses to substantive comments are reflected in changes to the analysis or text of the document.  

The Final SEIS will identify the Environmentally Preferable Alternative and the BLM Preferred Alternative, 
along with the land use plan amendments that would be needed to authorize the Preferred Alternative.  

graphic timeline for remainder of the NEPA process

BLM specialist holds a hawk in the Birds of Prey NCA

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Mitigation measures or practices avoid, minimize, 
rectify, reduce over time or eliminate adverse effects to biological, physical or socioeconomic resources.

If an action alternative for segments 8 and 9 is selected in the Final Supplemental EIS, the BLM will identify what mitigation is required for the effects of the route alignments. 

Compensatory mitigation will be required for any 
impacts that would remain once avoidance, minimization and rectification measures are applied.

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      for the Gateway West project


vegetation in the Birds of Prey NCA treated to restore ecological function