Gateway West Transmission Line | Segments 8 and 9








The BLM is preparing a supplemental environmental impact statement (EIS) analyzing new information associated with the potential impacts of approving a right-of-way (ROW) application for segments 8 and 9 of the Gateway West transmission line project.

Rocky Mountain Power and Idaho Power have submitted a revised application and revised plan of development for segments 8 and 9. The BLM determined that this new information warrants additional analysis and public review under the National Environmental Policy Act.

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thumbnail map showing revised proposed routes for segments 8 and 9

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  transmission line towerREAD | 2013 Final EIS

 SCHEDULE at a glance
¦ Notice of Intent  09.19.2014
¦ Scoping  closed 10.24.2014
Draft Supplemental EIS
  Public comment
  Final Supplemental EIS
  Protest period
  Record of Decision

Segments 1-7 and 10 
The BLM has authorized routes for these segments. The BLM-Wyoming website has more information.

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Proponents' website
The Rocky Mountain Power–Idaho Power website for the Gateway West project has additional information.