EIS | Dairy Syncline Mine Plan

This project is proposed for 2,133 acres of Federal lands in Caribou County, approximately 12 miles east of Soda Springs, Idaho.  The proponent, J.R. Simplot Co., has proposed a new open pit phosphate mining operation on Federal leases located primarily on National Forest System lands. 

The company plans to move its entire mining, milling and pipeline transport system from the Smoky Canyon mine to the Dairy Syncline site. Under the proposal, mining would occur here for 27+ years and would place a cap over waste rock and incorporate other best management practices (BMPs) to control and prevent release of sediment, dissolved constituents and trace elements (such as selenium) to nearby surface and groundwater. 

The company has also proposed aqcuiring Federal lands through exchange and purchase to construct and operate a tailings pond. 

Notice of IntentNotice of Realty Action [Proposed land sale] - April.13.2010
Scoping materials
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