Supplemental EIS + Plan Amendment | Domestic Sheep & Goat Grazing

The BLM is preparing a supplemental environmental impact statement (EIS) to support  decisions regarding domestic sheep and goat grazing in the resource management plan (RMP) for the Cottonwood Field Office.

The Record of Decision for the 2009 Cottonwood RMP excluded decisions on domestic sheep and goat grazing on four allotments that overlap or occur in the vicinity of bighorn sheep habitat along the Salmon River, east of Riggins, Idaho, in Idaho County. 

Public comment on the Draft RMP Amendment and Supplemental EIS closed on August 7, 2014.

¦ Notice of IntentMarch 12, 2010
¦ NOA - Draft Supp. EISMay 9, 2014
¦ Public commentclosed August 7, 2014
♦ Final EISwinter 2015-16
  Record of Decision 

domestic sheep and guard dog [CREDIT: KTVB Television]

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