Owyhee Wilderness and Wild & Scenic River Planning


panorama of Little Jacks Creek Wilderness

The Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 (P.L. 111-11, Title I - Subtitle F) designated 518,000 acres of public lands in Owyhee County in southwestern Idaho as Wilderness and 324½ miles of southern Idaho waterways as Wild and Scenic rivers.

The BLM is currently preparing a Wilderness and Wild & Scenic River Management Plan (WMP) for these areas. 

A separate travel management plan in being developed for routes in Owyhee County outside of designated Wilderness. 

An exchange of lands that would allow the BLM to acquire State land within Wilderness boundaries is under consideration which would allow both the United States (BLM) and the State of Idaho (Department of Lands) to manage and enhance their respective ownerships more efficiently



The BLM is currently reviewing public comment received on the 
Draft Plan for managing the 16 Wild & Scenic River segments and six Wilderness areas designated in the 2009 Act.  Thanks to those who commented or provided other feedback.


Bruneau River, southern Idaho

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