Use ePlanning to search for NEPA and Land Use Plan documents

NEPA Register

BLM-Idaho now uses the ePlanning application, a nationwide searchable database for publishing planning and project information, to manage its NEPA documents. 

With an Internet-connected computer, you can open and read Land Use Plans (LUP) and NEPA documents* produced with ePlanning and search for documents on issues such as recreation, wildlife or energy development. 

The easiest way to search is by choosing the Text Search tab (see dialog box below). Under the Type of Project, choose either the Land Use Plan or the NEPA button to search for documents. Not all of Idaho's LUP and NEPA document are in this database yet. Use the navigation bar to the right to find the status of those documents. 

You can also access documents in ePlanning by clicking on the project name in the navigation box to the right

BLM Idaho also uses public participation (scoping) to meet the requirements under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). Information about historic and cultural resources potentially affected by a BLM proposal will help identify impacts to such resources in the context of both NEPA and Section 106 of the NHPA.

*NEPA documents include Environmental Assessments (EA), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Categorical Exclusions (CX), Determination of NEPA Adequacy (DNA), and other documents.


screenshot of ePlanning Front Office webpage