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 Group 6

map of grazing allotments in Owyhee Field Office, Idaho

green graphic dotCurrent Status & Documents

Pole Creek allotment | approx. 24,500 acres

Final decision & permit renewal | Aug.10.2012

Trout Springs & Hanley FFR | approx. 30,000 acres

EA & Proposed decisionSept.18.2013
Final decisionsNov.13 & 22.2013

Nickel Creek FFR allotment | 10 pastures

Draft EA | Aug.16.2013 
Final EA & Proposed decision | Oct.18.2013 
Final decisionDec.02.2013

Fossil Butte group | 6 allotments

Draft EA | Oct.16.2013 
Final EA & Proposed decisions | Nov.18.2013 
Final decisionsDec.23.2013

Idaho Rangeland Health Standards & Guidelines

The Owyhee Field Office is completing permit renewal for several livestock grazing allotments not formally included in the five groups named under the 2008 settlement agreement. 

Known as Group 6, these allotments are the Nickel Creek FFR, six allotments in the Fossil Butte area, and renewal of the permit for the Trout Springs allotment. 

Links to NEPA documents and decisions (Proposed and Final, as they are issued) for these renewal applications are found below. 

green graphic dotFor more information :: Michele McDaniel, Associate Field
     Mgr., BLM Owyhee Field Office, (208) 896-5914

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cattle grazing on open range

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