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CURRENT STATUS | In March and April 2013, the BLM issued final decisions renewing the grazing permits associated with the Group 1 (Owyhee River) allotments. In May 2013, BLM received 14 appeals and stay requests of the final decisions. 

On February 13, 2014, the Department of Interior Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) handed down its Order for the Garat allotment, and on August 12, 2014, OHA handed down its Orders for the Castlehead-Lambert, Swisher Springs, and Swisher FFR allotments.

As a result of the February 2014 Order regarding the Garat allotment, BLM completed a new Rangeland Health Assessment/Evaluation Report and Determination, which includes new riparian-area monitoring information. Additionally, BLM has completed a new Preliminary Environmental Assessment specific to the Garat allotment, which was released for public review on October 8, 2014. The public comment period has been extended and will now end on November 11, 2014. See below for more information.

Group 1

Group 1 - Owyhee River includes four grazing allotments, located in Owyhee County, Idaho: Garat, Castlehead-Lambert, Swisher Springs, and Swisher FFR. The allotments encompass about 252,000 acres of public land.


2014 Documents

Office of Hearings and Appeals Orders

2014 Order for appeals on the Garat allotment Final Decision

2014 Order for appeals on the Castlehead-Lambert allotment Final Decisions

2014 Order for appeals on the Swisher Springs and Swisher FFR allotments Final Decisions

Documents for the 2014 Garat Allotment Permit Renewal

2014 Preliminary Environmental Assessment *Public comment period: Oct. 8-Nov. 11, 2014*

2014 Rangeland Health Assessment & Evaluation Report

2014 Determination

The BLM released final decisions for the Garat, Castlehead-Lambert, Swisher Springs, and Swisher FFR allotments in March and April 2013. View these and all other grazing permit renewal documents, including the Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), for the Owyhee 68 Group 1 allotments below.

Group 1 Documents

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