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Weed control in rights-of-way

The BLM plays a major role in the success or failure of weed management in Idaho and has made noxious weed management a priority on the lands it manages. 

Each year, thousands of individuals and companies apply to obtain a right-of-way (ROW) on public land.  Under the terms, conditions and stipulations of ROWs the BLM issues, the right-of-way holder is responsible for weed control on disturbed areas within the ROW. 

ROW holders are also responsible for for complying with all Federal and State laws and regulations governing pesticide and herbicide use within the ROW.  To support this compliance, the BLM develops a list of herbicides and adjuvants approved for use on public lands, and requires ROW holders or a qualified partner to submit pesticide use proposal (PUP) before treating weeds. 

The BLM must review and approve the PUP before any herbicide is applied.  In an effort to remain accountable, the BLM intends to review and approve PUPs annually. 

Whoever has responsibility for applying the herbicide must submit a completed pesticide application record to the BLM within 24 hours. 


Forms and Reference Documents

PUP template
PUP instructions
Approved herbicide list (for Twin Falls District)
Approved adjuvants list (BLM-wide)
Pesticide Application Record template

CONTACTs for more information
Tara Hagen(208) 732-7205thagen@blm.gov
Kasey Prestwich(208) 732-7272kprestwich@blm.gov
Jennifer Sonner(208) 677-6640jsonner@blm.gov
Lisa Claxton(208) 736-2360lclaxton@blm.gov
Scott Uhrig(208) 732-7232cuhrig@blm.gov
Tony Owens(208) 732-7208aowens@blm.gov

Last updated: 10-04-2012