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Wildland Fire Recruitment

Wildland Fire Jobs in Eastern Idaho

Firefighters working in Eastern Idaho gain a wealth of knowledge and skills. The diverse topography of the area provides vast experience in several different fuel types. For example, firefighters in Eastern Idaho could be assigned to a fire on the rolling sagebrush steppe of the Snake River Plain, or in the steep, rugged mountains of the Lost River Range, where Mt. Borah, Idaho’s highest peak, is located. Firefighters also gain valuable experience suppressing wildfires near urban areas (called the Wildland Urban Interface) as well.

BLM's Idaho Falls District in Eastern Idaho currently staffs 11 outstations with 15 heavy, Type IV engines and 4-6 type VI light engines, a 14-20 member fuels crew and several Wildland Fire Prevention/Information personnel. The Snake River Hotshots, a 20-person hand crew, are based out of Pocatello.

Lost River Range in Eastern Idaho
The Lost River Range in Eastern Idaho

The Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Center (EIIFC), which is located in Idaho Falls, dispatches U.S. Forest Service and BLM firefighters to about 150 fires a year with an average of 54,000 acres burned a year. During busy fire seasons, such as those of 2000 and 2006, firefighters typically respond to about 260 fires, and up to 310,000 acres can burn in one fire season. 

Idaho Falls District wildland firefighter personnel needs vary between fire seasons and depend upon seasonal firefighter returns every spring. We highly recommend applying for wildland fire positions in December and January, as early consideration dates apply. Visit USA Jobs or the EIFFC Website to explore wildland firefighter positions in Eastern Idaho. 

Wildland fire engine fighting fire
A wildland fire engine fighting fire in Eastern Idaho.

Want to talk with someone?  Click here for information about wildland fire contacts in Idaho.

What is Eastern Idaho Like?

Eastern Idaho boasts some of the most diverse, remote, breathtaking country in the state. From the Snake River Plain to the craggy Teton Mountains, this area encompasses over 7.5 million acres of public lands. The Salmon-Challis, Bridger-Teton and Caribou-Targhee National Forests are also nearby, as well as the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, U.S. Fish and Wildlife preserves, and both state and Native American lands. You can visit the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce website as well. 

Want to apply?

We recommend applying for wildland firefighting jobs in December and January, when BLM is recruiting for the upcoming fire season.  BLM rarely hires firefighters after the month of March.  

Click here to apply for wildland firefighting jobs on the USA jobs website.