Wildland Fire Recruitment

Wildland Fire Jobs in Southwest Idaho

Southwest Idaho provides a diverse amount of firefighting experience. Firefighters assigned to incidents within this area gain skills in steep, mountainous terrain and on rolling sagebrush steppe plains. Fuel types in Southwest Idaho vary as well; firefighters often work in evergreen forests, high-elevation juniper, and sagebrush-steppe fuel types. Firefighters also gain valuable experience suppressing wildfires near urban areas (called the Wildland Urban Interface) as well. 

Arrowrock Reservoir
Arrowrock reservoir in the foothills east of Boise

Soutwest Idaho is home to the BLM's Boise District, which is headquartered in Boise and encompasses almost 4 million acres of BLM lands. Within that area, the district staffs three different fire stations located in Hammett, Bruneau, and Middleton. Boise BLM currently staffs 16 type IV heavy engines, a 15-20 person Type II helicopter crew, three dozers, two water tenders, wildland fire dispatchers, and several Prevention/Information staff. The district also staffs a fuels crew responsible for conducting hazardous fuels reduction and responding to wildland fire incidents, as well as pre-and post burn monitoring. 

The Boise Interagency Dispatch Center, located in Boise, dispatches wildland firefighters to over 9,063,554 acres of public lands. The center employs staff from the Boise National Forest, Idaho Department of Lands, and Boise BLM.  On an average year, about 51,000 BLM acres burn in Southwest Idaho, but on above-average years, BLM acres burned can reach well above 150,000.  (This does not include Forest Service and Idaho Department of Lands acreage). 

Boise BLM District wildland firefighter personnel needs vary between fire seasons and depend upon seasonal firefighters returning every spring. We strongly recommend applying for wildland firefighting jobs in December and January, as early consideration dates apply. Visit USA Jobs to explore wildland firefighter positions in Southwest Idaho.

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You can refer to the Boise Interagency Dispatch Center for specific job information as well. 

Engine and forest fire 
BLM engine crew working on a fire burning in the Boise National Forest   

What is Southwest Idaho Like?

Southwestern Idaho boasts an abundance of diverse topography and vegetation. In the southern corner of the state, the Owyhee Mountains rise from the Snake River plain. In this remote area, the newly designated Owyhee Wilderness boasts deep rhyolite and basalt canyons, which contrast with steep juniper-covered craggy mountains in one of Idaho’s most serene, breathtaking backwoods places. Vast expanses of sagebrush and grassland plateaus provide habitat for sage-grouse, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, songbirds, raptors, and numerous rare plant species. On the north side of Idaho’s Southwestern corner, the Boise Foothills give rise to both the Boise National Forest and the Payette National Forest, where endless recreational opportunities abound.   

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Want to apply?

We recommend applying for wildland firefighting jobs in December and January, when BLM is recruiting for the upcoming fire season.  BLM rarely hires firefighters after the month of March. 

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