Southern Idaho Infrastruture Development Map (2009)

Proposed energy and electrical transmission development in Idaho may affect or be affected by a number of resource values of concern: wildlife habitat, viewsheds, military training areas, wilderness and others.

In 2009, the BLM developed the Southern Idaho Infrastructure Development Map ("Conflict Map") to display general areas of greater or lesser potential conflicts with infrastructure development, based on a selected resource concerns and assumptions.  Additional information can be found in the Overview and Assumptions documents via the links below.

The map is intended for educational and discussion purposes only and to help foster creative solutions in the planning and siting of infrastructure projects on BLM-managed lands by highlighting likely areas of conflict early in the planning process.

The map is by no means comprehensive.  Issues such as resource management plan decisions, habitat for sensitive species, cultural resource sites and others are best addressed at the project level.  Additional input by local experts and the public during project planning is still crucial.   

Two versions of the map are available below in PDF.  One displays BLM lands in Idaho only.  The second shows all land ownerships and provides important context, since many resource issues cross ownership boundaries.  The "all lands" version of the map is for context only and does not imply endorsement by other agencies or entities.

Additional supporting maps showing the various resource themes, also available below, may be helpful in interpreting the overall map.

Geographic Information System (GIS) raster data for the Conflict Map are available for download at www.insideidaho.orgAt the home page, navigate to "GEODATA" and select "Browse Data."  At the "Title Keywords(s)" search window, enter the word "Conflict" and select "Go."


   Overview map

   Overview map : Priority Biological, Cultural and Land-Use Concerns and Assumptions

   Map (BLM Lands) 

   Map (All Lands) 

Base Maps