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Energy and Minerals

Nationally, the BLM conducts a variety of programs for the management and conservation of energy and mineral resources on 245 million surface acres and 700 million acres of subsurface mineral estate. In Idaho, the BLM administers use and development of resources on nearly 12 million surface acres of public lands and about 36.5 million subsurface acres.

Energy (Wind, Electric, Geothermal, Oil and Gas)
Public lands play a key role in developing and delivering energy to meet the needs of America's homes, businesses, and communities. Promoting dependable and environmentally sound energy production on Federal public lands can help the U.S achieve energy independence. Public lands in Idaho hold signifcant wind and geothermal energy resources, and Idaho is also a critical link in U.S. powerline and pipeline networks.

Minerals (Phosphate and Molybdenum)
The BLM administers exploration, acquisition and development of leasable, salable and locatable minerals on surface and subsurface acres in the Federal estate under the respective laws and regulations for each classification. Minerals are key commodities in the U.S. economy, contributing economic stability and growth to local and regional economies. In 2011, non-energy minerals directly added $168 million to Idaho's economy, with a total impact of $247 million.