GeoPDF Maps

Geopdf is an Interactive & GeoSpatially enabled map document. There are also attributes (Object Data) embedded where possible. GeoPDFs are avaliable for each of the field offices with the following casetypes:

  • At Risk
  • Case Types
  • Community Growth
  • ES Coal Uranium
  • ES Oi _Gas
  • ES Renewable
  • ES ROW
  • GCDB Status
  • Healthy Lands
  • NLCS
  • NonEnergy

The GeoPDFs are organized by th following groups:

Case Types and Field Office

The following user documentation is avaliable.

The Conditions of Survey User Documentation.

The GeoPDF Tools.

**Adobe Reader must be installed**

**TerraGo Desktop must be installed** -submit information to proceed with the free download-

The GeoPDFs on the following pages cannot be made Section 508 compliant. For help with its data or information, please contact the BLM Idaho State Office Webmaster at 208-373-4000.

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