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Former Wilderness Study Areas |


Big Willow Spring in Owyhee Co., Idaho


From time to time, Congress takes action that affects the management status of public lands inventoried as wilderness study areas (WSAs).  Congress has the option of designating these lands as Wilderness or releasing them from WSA status. 

The 2009 Omnibus Public Lands Management Act (P.L. 111-11) contained language (Title I, Subtitle F) that addressed the status of lands in 23 WSAs on public lands in Owyhee County in southwestern Idaho.  In some cases all the lands in a particular WSA were designated Wilderness or were released; in other cases parts of a particular WSA were designated and other acres released. 

The list below summarizes the Act's direction for these WSAs. 


graphic dot, green | Wilderness  ::  ^| portion designated Wilderness/remainder released  ::  graphic dot, red| released to multiple use management under FLPMA

^ North Fork Owyhee River                
graphic dot, red Big Willow Spring                             
graphic dot, red Squaw Creek                                     
graphic dat, red Middle Fork Owyhee River               
graphic dat, red West Fork Red Canyon                    

graphic dot, green Lookout Butte                                    
graphic dot, green Owyhee River                                   
graphic dot, green Little Owyhee River                        
^ Deep Creek                                        
grpahic dot, green Yatahoney Creek                              
graphic dot, green Battle Creek                                      
graphic dot, green Juniper Creek                                     
graphic dot, green South Fork Owyhee River                 
graphic dot, green Owyhee Canyon                                

^ Jarbidge River                                    
^ Bruneau River Sheep Creek              

^ Little Jacks Creek                             
^ Duncan Creek                                   
^ Big Jacks Creek                                
^ Pole Creek                                         
graphic dot, red Sheep Creek West                             
graphic dot, red Sheep Creek East                              
graphic dot, red Upper Deep Creek                            


Last updated: 08-01-2013