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Borah Peak, Idaho's highest mountain

Wilderness Study Areas | by Field Office



WSA Name                                  Acres

Coeur d'Alene

Crystal Lake | Map9,027
 Grandmother Mountain | Map15,019
 Selkirk Crest720


Marshall Mountain 5,804
 Snowhole Rapids 5,068 

Four Rivers

King Hill Creek | Map23,815 
 Box Creek 440 


Lower Salmon Falls Creek3,500

Craters of the Moon NM|

Great Rift  45,077


Bear Den Butte5,411
 Black Butte 4,068 
 Black Canyon [I] | Map10,371 
 Deer Creek | Map7,487 
 Friedman Creek | Map9,773 
 Gooding City of Rocks East | Map14,743 
 Gooding City of Rocks West | Map6,287 
 King Hill Creek  | Map | Travel Restriction Information5,494 
 Lava | Map23,680 
 Little City of Rocks | Map5,875 
 Little Deer 13,458 
 Little Wood River | Map4,265 
 Raven's Eye 29,899 
 Sand Butte | Map20,792 
 Shale Butte | Map15,968 
 Shoshone | Map6,914 


Eighteenmile | Map24,922 

Challis | 

Borah Peak | Map3,880 
 Boulder Creek | Map1,930 


Burnt Creek | Map24,980 
 Corral-Horse Basin  | Map48,500 
 Goldburg | Map3,290 
 Jerry Peak | Map46,150 
 Jerry Peak West | Map13,530 

Upper Snake

Appendicitis Hill | Map21,900 
 Black Canyon [II] | Map5,400 
 Cedar Butte | Map35,700 
 China Cup Butte 160 
 Hawley Mountain | Map15,510 
 Hell's Half Acre | Map66,200 
 Henrys Lake  | Map350 
 Sand Mountain 21,100 
 Snake River Islands 770 
 White Knob Mountains 9,950 


Petticoat Peak | Map11,298 
 Worm Creek | Map40 
 Current WSA acres in Idaho 648,515 



small relief map of Idaho showing BLM Field Office boundaries

Recreation specialists in each BLM Field Office 
have more information about WSAs. 

 Contact Name 
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Phone (208)
Coeur d'AleneKurt Pindel769-5015
CottonwoodJoe O'Neill962-3683
Four RiversLarry Ridenhour 384-3334 
BurleyDennis Thompson 677-6664 
JarbidgeMax Yingst736-2362
ShoshoneDavid Freiberg 732-7271 
 including Great Rift  
SalmonLiz Townley756-5431
ChallisBen Roundtree879-6212
Upper SnakeShannon Bassista524-7552
Snake River Is.Monica Zimmerman524-7543
PocatelloChuck Patterson478-6362

Title I, Subtitle F of the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-11, March 30, 2009) designated as Wilderness some 517,000 acres of BLM-managed lands in Owyhee County, Idaho, previously inventoried as Wilderness Study Areas.  It released another 199,000 acres from WSA status for multiple-use.  
Public Law 107-361 (Dec. 17, 2002; introduced as H.R.2818, Aug. 2, 2001) authorized conveyance of approximately 10.23 acres within the Sand Mountain WSA to the owner of the Sand Hills Resort.  Conveyed acreage is exempt from all requirements of the policy for Management of Wilderness Study Areas.
Presidential Proclamation 7373 (Nov. 15, 2000) enlarged Craters of the Moon National Monument and transferred portions of four WSAs to the National Park Service: the Great Rift (335,123 acres), Raven's Eye (45,578 acres), Little Deer (33,531 acres) and Bear Den Butte (9,700 acres).  WSA acres in the Craters of the Moon National Monument that remain under BLM jurisdication continue to be managed under Section 603(c) of FLPMA and are counted in the Idaho WSA total acreage.
Public Law 103-64 (Aug. 4, 1993) designated the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area and released the Birds of Prey WSA (26,713 acres). 
A small amount of designated Wilderness (802 acres) in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness lies in the BLM Cottonwood Field Office.