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Wilderness Wednesday:
BLM Idaho Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act in 2014

Wilderness Wednesday for 2014 has now ended. Please review an archive of our 50 adventures here.

“A wilderness is hereby recognized as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.” –The Wilderness Act, 1964

This anniversary calls for something wild.  Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act by exploring Idaho’s Wilderness Areas.  Each week during this year of celebration, we will feature a new adventure idea on our Facebook page.  You can also check out all the adventures on our websiteBruneau River (Photographer: Bob Wick)

You can make any adventure as wild or mild as you want, but please remember, wilderness travel can be dangerous, so be prepared for the unexpected and know your limits.

Share Your Experiences with Us

Find our past posts and share your own stories and photos with us using #IdahoWilderness50.

We Want You to Arrive Safely

Sometimes just getting there is the adventure. This is especially true with the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness Areas. Most roads leading to the wilderness areas require a high clearance 4x4 vehicle, but there are also options for those without a 4x4. We recommend that you consider the option of hiking or mountain biking a few extra miles to access a wilderness area. Once you reach the wilderness boundary, it is time to dismount and leave the mechanized world behind. Mountain biking or mechanized travel are not allowed in any Wilderness area. 

If you decide to drive to the Wilderness boundary without a 4x4 vehicle, please first ask yourself "How much do I trust my 2-wheel drive vehicle when it leaves the comfort and security of a maintained gravel road?" Know when to park and when to turn around. Travel to and along some of the boundary roads requires crossing private land. In these cases, please remember to request access from private landowners. Please note that BLM cannot provide information on private landowners.

Bruneau River (Photographer: Bob Wick)Mild to Wild

Each adventure will be rated as:

Beginner: Visit a view point or overlook
Intermediate: Hike or walk on an established trail
Advanced: Hike or multi-day trip with no established trail 

Time of Year

While some visitors are comfortable enjoying the outdoors rain or shine, we have listed the most popular time of year to help you plan the best day for your adventure. Remember, plan ahead and be prepared for all seasons. 

Things to Remember

Plan for most of our featured adventures to take a minimum of four hours. Wilderness is remote, so please plan ahead and be prepared. Always tell someone where you plan to go and how long you’ll be away. Carry the proper supplies and water. Be prepared for weather changes. For information on safety and outdoor ethics, visit the Leave No Trace website.


Maps of the Wilderness areas are available online, as well as for purchase at the BLM Idaho State Office (1387 South Vinnell Way in Boise) for $8.00 each. The maps labeled as "interpretive" online are the same that are also available for purchase. In addition, the 1:100,000 surface management maps are available for $4.00 each. We recommend you purchase one wilderness map and one surface management map for your desired wilderness destination so you can most easily access and navigate these remote areas. 

Check out our 50 adventures archive page to discover which surface management and wilderness map you will need. The colors on the table designate the associated wilderness area and letters A-D define the surface management maps.  

Please call (208) 373-3899 for more information.

Additional Information/Reference

Celebrating 50 years of Wilderness: Download maps, learn more about this historic year and find out about celebratory events happening in your community.

Wilderness website: Connecting federal employees, scientists, educators and the public with their wilderness heritage 

Steve Stuebner "Owyhee Adventure Guide" to the Owyhee Canyonlands

Contact Information

If you have a question about an adventure or need more information on a wilderness area, please contact the BLM Wilderness Ranger’s office at 208-384-3300 or e-mail Evan Worthington at or Casey Steenhoven at

Thanks and enjoy your adventure!

Emergency Information:

Emergency number 911
Owyhee Co. Sheriff, Murphy (208) 495-1154
Shoshone-Paiute Tribes, Owyhee (775) 757-3614
Boise Interagency Fire Dispatch (208) 384- 3400
Idaho EMS Comm. Center, Boise (800) 632-8000