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Snake River Birds of Prey NCA

Shooting Regulations

Shooting Management Areas

The NCA has established a "Safety Zone" in the western portion of the area to protect visitors and nearby residents from stray bullets. The maps below shows the two areas (canyon and plateau) with shooting restrictions and the majority of the area still open for safe shooting. Printable Maps of both area are available showing the details of the Snake River Canyon Closure Area and the boundary of the Plateau Closure Area.

Shooting Management Area

Shooting Management Area (click image to enlarge)

Snake River Plateau Shooting Area Detail

Snake River Plateau Shooting Management Area Detail (click image to enlarge)

Shooting Restriction Details

Snake River Canyon: Public lands are closed to the discharge of rifles and pistols year-round within the Snake River Canyon from Gold Island (near Grand View) downstream to the old Guffey Bridge. The width of the closure is one-half mile from each side of the Snake River or 100 yards back from the canyon rim, whichever is greater. The same area is closed to the discharge of all firearms from February 15 to August 31. The exception to this closure is for the rifle deer hunting season in Hunting Unit 40 on the south side of the Snake River. * Note - This closure still allows you to hunt upland game and waterfowl in the canyon area with shotguns from September 1 to February 14 in accordance with Idaho Fish & Game regulations.

Snake River Plateau: Public lands are closed year-round to the discharge of rifles and pistols in the portion of the NCA located north of the PacifiCorp 500 kV transmission line and west of Swan Falls Road.

Shooting Safety
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