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Raptor Box

A traveling trunk called the "Raptor Box" has been developed by the NCA staff to share information with public groups, organizations, teachers and students about raptors and the NCA. The Raptor Box is a self contained trunk with lessons and activities that instruct and reinforce basic concepts such as mathematics, English, science, social studies, music, physical education, arts and crafts, language arts and humanities. The activities are targeted for grades 1 through 6, but can be modified for other age levels. 

The raptor box is a fifty-four pound box that includes a Teacher Instruction Notebook (TIN) and lots of hands-on-resources. The TIN contains five lessons and over twenty activities to support them. The lessons include: Predator/Prey Relationships; What Makes a Bird a Raptor; Habitat; and Management and Conservation. The hands-on-materials include books, guides, videos, CD-ROMs, mammal and raptor parts (talons, eggs, pellets), raptor silhouettes, and much more. Five Raptor Boxes are available for check out.

Photo - Raptor Box with Lid OpenThe Raptor Box includes:

  • Instructions on using the raptor box
  • Checklist of contents (pdf)
  • Five lesson plans
  • Questions/Answers
  • 25 Activities (pdf)
  • Additional reading materials
  • Raptor Websites
  • Raptor silhouettes
  • Raptor parts and mammal tracks


Reservation of the Raptor Box

Educators can reserve and checkout the Raptor Box on a first come - first serve basis for three (3) weeks at a time.. The trunk can be picked up in person or shipped via UPS.

Stipulations for use of the Raptor Box

  • The trunk may be kept up to 3 weeks at a time,
  • The trunk and its contents are returned in the same condition as received,
  • Payment is required for any lost or damaged items.
  • Idaho users are responsible for cost of return shipping only.
  • Out-of-state users are responsible for all shipping costs (both to and from).

Some Comments We've Received about the Raptor Box

   "...a wealth of great stuff."
            Madison Elementary - Boise, Idaho

   "...we wanted to keep it longer."
            Highland High School - Pocatello, Idaho

   "...enjoyed the wide range of activities."
            Hillcrest Elementary - American Falls, Idaho

   "There was so much stuff in there. Oh my goodness! I was amazed."
            Highland High School -Pocatello, Idaho

If you are interested in the Raptor Box or have additional questions, please contact NCA Education Specialist Barbara Forderhase at (208) 384-3485 or e-mail -