FOIA | the Freedom of Information Act

It is BLM policy to make records available to the public to the greatest extent possible in keeping with the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Privacy Act, Office of Management and Budget requirements, and Presidential Orders.

The BLM classifies its major records under two categories: (1) Public (which does not require a FOIA request); and (2) Non-public (a FOIA request is required for access to releasable portions of this information). 

Many BLM offices in Idaho have Information Access Centers, or public rooms, that can assist with requests for public records and public information.

Public records such as mining claims, grazing information, cadastral survey plats, Bureau decisions that affect the public, Bureau policy documents, and tables of organization, may be viewed in a BLM Information Access Center for free or copied for a fee.  Much of this information is also available online.

FOIA requests ask for records, they are not for asking questions.  Under Department of Interior FOIA regulations, the BLM is not required to answer questions posed in a FOIA request.

For additional information, you may wish to look at the Department of the Interior's FOIA Homepage. This page also links to the Department's Guide on the FOIA and the Privacy Act.

For more information please contact the Idaho State Office FOIA office at (208) 373-3947.