Idaho's Mount Borah
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The BLM in Idaho

The BLM manages nearly 12 million acres of public lands in Idaho, nearly one-fourth of the state's total land area.  Four BLM district offices, 12 field offices, and the Idaho State Office administer the public lands in Idaho with a mission of sustaining the health, diversity and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.  

Resources on the public lands include recreation, rangelands, timber, minerals, water, fish and wildlife, wilderness, air and soils, and scenic, scientific, and cultural values.  By strengthening existing and forging new partnerships with stakeholders, the BLM works to ensure that the nation’s public lands are managed and conserved for future generations of Americans to use and enjoy.

Your Public Lands by the Dollar and Number

Your Public Lands by the Dollars  Your Public Lands by the Dollars

BLM land status map

Quick Facts

  • 12 million acres in Idaho
  • 11,752,747 surface acres managed (53,443 acres in Nevada)
  • 14,012,418 sub-surface acres managed (65,850 acres in Nevada)
  • 1 National Conservation Area
  • 1 National Monument
  • 16 Wild and Scenic Rivers covering 318 miles
  • 8 Wilderness Areas covering 541,812 acres 
  • 41 Wilderness Study Areas 
  • 4 National Historic Trails covering 452 miles  
  • 1 National Scenic Trail covering 13 miles

BLM Idaho District Acreages as of 01/01/2016