Twin Falls District RAC Members

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Interest Represented
Term Expires
Category One: Industry   
Gerald Orthel FilerEnergy Development 12/15/2014 
Mike HensleeHagermanFederal Grazing 11/19/2016 
Daniel Butler BlissCommercial Recreation 9/20/2015 
Jeffrey Williams KimberlyFederal Grazing 9/20/2015
James Wills Twin Falls Off-Highway Vehicles 12/15/2014 
Category Two: Conservation, Environment, Dispersed Recreation, Archaelogical/Historic Interests 
Dayna Gross Hailey Environmental Organization 11/19/2016 
Shauna RobinsonTwin FallsHistoric & Archaeological9/20/2015
Denise AlexanderFilerDispersed Recreation12/15/2014
Peggy StanleyTwin FallsDispersed Recreation11/19/2016 
LaMar OrtonTwin FallsEnvironmental Organization12/15/2014 
Category Three: Elected Officials, Tribes, Academia    
Todd Wadsworth Twin Falls Public-at-large12/15/2014
Tom CourtneyTwin FallsPublic-at-large11/19/2016
Charles HowellJeromeElected Official9/20/2015
Katie ShewmakerKimberlyState of Idaho12/21/2015 
Hunter Osborne PocatelloTribal11/19/2016