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Resource Advisory Council Subcommittee
Gateway West Transmission Line

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Questions & Answers

What issues did the subcommittee examine? 
The subcommittee worked to identify any new information, issues, concerns and opportunities that had not been addressed in earlier environmental analysis of the project, and to evaluate modifications to routing options analyzed in the April 2013 Final EIS for the project. In addition, the subcommittee evaluated the mitigation and enhancement portfolio proposed by the companies requesting authorization to site the project on BLM-managed lands (Rocky Mountain Power and Idaho Power).

How did the RAC decide to proceed after the subcommittee 
presented its reports? 
The RAC accepted the subcommittee's two reports and forwarded 
them to the BLM. 

Have any decisions been made on where segments 8 or 9 will be sited? 
No.  A decision on whether to grant ROWs for these segments and their exact locations will come only after the BLM completes its NEPA process.


The Boise District resource advisory council (RAC) established the subcommittee at the request of the BLM Boise District Manager to determine what new information and/or modifications to the alternatives for siting segments 8 and 9 of the Gateway West transmission line might be available.

The group met 11 times in public sessions starting in early December 2013 to gather and develop further information on the various factors that bear on placement of segments 8 and 9. The subcommittee conducted significant public outreach to ensure that anyone who might be potentially affected by ongoing work to site segments 8 and 9 was notified of the process and could become involved if they wished to be. 

The subcommittee presented the results of its evaluation of potential routes for the two segments to the RAC on June 5, 2014.  In a separate report the subcommittee looked at a Mitigation and Enhancement Portfolio proposed by Rocky Mountain Power and Idaho Power Co., the project proponents.  


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RAC subcommittee report on routing options (includes maps) | 17MB PDF

RAC subcommittee report on proposed mitigation and enhancement portfolio | 169k PDF


Last updated: 02-06-2015