Resource Advisory Councils

Resource advisory councils (RACs) offer opportunities for citizens from all backgrounds and interests to have a voice in the management of public lands to help improve the land's health and productivity.  RAC recommendations address all public land issues, including land use planning, recreation, noxious weeds and wild horse and burro herd management areas. Members represent energy, tourism and commercial recreation interests; environmental, archaeological or historic interests; and elected officials, Tribes, and the public-at-large. The RACs demonstrate that consensus-driven recommendations most often lead to sustainable outcomes that benefit natural resources.

The BLM has four RACs in Idaho, each meeting three to four times per year. The links listed on the right lead to information relating to each of the Idaho councils.

Council members are selected for their ability to provide informed, objective advice on a broad array of public lands issues and their commitment to collaboration in seeking solutions to those issues. Members are appointed to three-year terms and may be reappointed to consecutive terms. Council members must be Idaho residents. Members serve without salary, but are reimbursed travel expenses. If you or someone you know would like information about serving on the council, visit the district pages for contact information.

Members of the BLM Idaho Falls RAC in the bucket of an ore shovel at the Thompson Creek Mine near Challis