What Can I Do?

Restoring the Great Basin is a huge project, one that will last many years. As an agency, BLM can’t tackle it alone. We need the help of people and organizations that are concerned about the future of this big, open land.

Many groups have already offered their assistance. If you’re interested in helping, the best step to take is to get in touch with a BLM office located in the Great Basin and find out what projects are underway and what projects may be scheduled in the future. There’s plenty of work to do, and the chances are good that you or your organization can help. If you need the locations and addresses of the BLM offices in the Great Basin, check out BLM’s homepage at www.blm.gov and click on directory. From there, it’s easy to find a list of BLM offices in Nevada, southern Idaho, southeastern Oregon, northeastern California and western Utah, the locations that roughly make up the Great Basin.

If you have general questions about restoration in the Great Basin, send an e-mail to mpellant@blm.gov, the GBRI Coordinator.

Thanks for your interest!