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Environmental Education

What is Heritage Education?

Do you enjoy learning about Idaho's past?  Students of all ages are welcome to explore the historic and archaeological sites on our BLM.  Travel with peoples of the past on our historic trails.  Visit places where our first citizens lived or passed through today's Idaho.   Get a glimpse of the Old West in our historic mining towns.  Information and tools to explore Idaho's past are available here.

A student learns about historic Silver City, Idaho
A student learns about historic Silver City, Idaho

 Fun Adventures 

BLM Nez Perce Tribe Quiz Cards

The cards address Nez Perce Tribal life before the Nez Perce War of 1877; various aspects of archeology; and natural history and hazards of abandoned mine sites - all of which may be found on public lands. 
 Quiz cards

BLM archaeologist Dave Sisson used a unique partnership to develop this 24-card set, which involved students from the Prarie Elementary Fourth Grade classes in Cottonwood, ID; the cultural department of the Nez Perce Tribe; and staff/students from the Oregon State University Department of Anthropology.  Once the initial text was developed, Sisson involved BLM staff to edit the material to appeal to a wide audience.  Graphics for the cards were developed from historic and recent photographs and from original artwork by the elementary students and BLM archeologist Matthew Werle and BLM Idaho State Office Visual Information Specialist Antonia Hedrick.

These are available at no cost for use at school programs and special events, such as the county fair.  They will be stocked at the local chamber of commerce and other local businesses.

Lower Salmon River Cultural Resources — Follow this link to 12,000 years of history. Explore one of Idaho's oldest archaeological sites with BLM's Cottonwood Field Office and the Archaeological Field School from Oregon State University.

Wilson Butte Cave — Follow this link to background information and classroom activities gathered to help Idaho teachers explore another one of Idaho's oldest archaeological site with their classrooms.

Inside Wilson Butte Cave
Inside Wilson Butte Cave

Kids! Do you like mysteries?

Follow this website to History Mysteries! Here you'll find four cool mysteries from the files of the History Mystery National Detective Agency. Investigate
famous outlaws, ghost towns, old lighthouses and light beacons and more! Put on your thinking cap and see if you are cut out to be a real detective.

Histosric textured glass found at Silver City, Idaho
A student explores historical findings in Silver City, Idaho
Arrowhead glass found in Silver City, Idaho
Historic Glass

archeological pot
Archaeological pot