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Firewise Saves the Day!   

The BLM, in cooperation with several cooperating agencies and groups, provided funding and participation in a film entitled Are We Safe from Fire? Protecting Idaho Communities. The film is produced by Emmy award-winning, FireWise filmmaker, Robert Seidler. This film is an educational video program for residents, land managers and emergency service providers that showcases the lessons learned from the Poe Cabin Fire, a wildfire that burned lands managed by the BLM, among others, during the 2007 fire season.

On July 19, 2007, the Poe Cabin fire crossed over a ridgeline that separates the Snake and Salmon River Canyons, spilling into the headwaters of the Deer Creek drainage. Within 10 minutes, the fire had traveled two miles, as embers were cast in front of the main fire front. Eight homes were overrun by a high intensity wildfire within minutes. Homeowners were forced to flee with little or no evacuation warning. Some became trapped because sections of the escape route were engulfed by flames. Other residents waited out the storm at a designated safety zone; many were left wondering if their homes would survive. After the main fire passed, residents of the Deer Creek drainage returned home to find that the majority of structures had survived, primarily due to homeowner’s implementing treatments that made their homes “Fire Wise.”

The aftermath of this incident presented an opportunity for land management agencies and residents of Deer Creek to highlight how advance planning and treatments provided defensible space to protect homes even under the most extreme circumstances. The story and idea for sharing lessons learned resulted in the production of the film, “Are We Safe from Fire? Protecting Idaho Communities." Check out the video

Poe Cabin Fire

One of the homes that survived the fire because homeowners implemented Firewise principles around their home