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Environmental Education

Wildland Fire Education

Fire Education with SmokeyWe’re dedicated to teaching everyone, both young and old, about wildland fire in Idaho. Idaho has so many different areas; rangeland, forest, cities and high desert, we want to help you understand wildland fire and how it works, why it’s necessary, and how it helps Idaho’s ecosystems. Fire is a natural part of Idaho, but sometimes, we have to put it out. Why? Sometimes, we have to start fires.  Why? That’s something you’ll learn through  visiting this site and the other sites below. We also want you to know how wildland firefighters operate and the interesting details of wildland fire suppression. So, please explore this site, and contact the BLM if you have questions.

BLM Fire Education Specialists work hard to educate the public about wildland fire and its place in Idaho’s ecosystem. Idaho Falls BLM Fire Prevention Specialists are always busy educating the public about wildfire. These specialists travel all over east Idaho to bring fun activities to classrooms, Scouts, fairs, homeowner meetings, community events and much more. Contact your local BLM office for information on how you can participate in wildland fire education! 

Pine beetle markings

Many fire ecology programs focus on the environment as a whole. Students can learn about the connection of all things in nature. For example, pine beetles kill trees, which makes them more susceptible to fire.


Smokey greets a child at Prospect Elementary

Students meet with Smokey Bear

Students learn about wildfire from a firefighter

Students learn about fire safety and equipment

A child tries on Smokejumper gear at the Scout Fair

Trying on wildland firefighting gear











A student holds up her fire triangle as the students learn about the three things that are needed in order to create a fire.
A student holds up her fire triangle as the students learn about the three things that are needed in order to create a fire.

 boy in wildland fire engine
A local fourth grader learns about wildland fire equipment

girl with fire gear

Nick Anderson, Engine Captain out of Shoshone talks to a local 4th grader about firefighters gear.



For Students:

Living With Fire | Smokey Bear | Burning Issues

For Teachers:

Communicator's Guide to Wildland Fire 
Fire Wars 
BLM Learning Landscapes Teaching Resources

For Everyone: 

Firewise | Idaho Firewise |

No one ever expects a natural disaster to happen to them. But unlike floods, landslides or earthquakes, wildfire is the one natural event you can plan for. Learn how being firewise saved the day.

National Interagency Fire Center 

Fire Ecology 

Fire Squirts Program: Fire Squirts program is a fun, educational week-long camp that teaches children, ages 8 to 14, about fire ecology, fire history, fire behavior, fire prevention, and fire suppression.

Smokejumper gear
Smokejumper gear 

High school student learns about fire ecology
BLM's FIRE Up program teaches 
high school students about fire ecology