Welcome Junior Explorers! 

On this page you can find activity books about interesting places, people, and things. Are you interested in hiking? Do you like rocks? How about pioneer trails? Check them out and join the adventure.

While you are exploring, think about what all these places and things have in common. All of these places and things are part of the lands that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) takes care of. The BLM needs Junior Explorers to help take care of these special places and things. Please take the Junior Explorer pledge at the end of each activity book.

You can do the activities on your own, or you can invite a brother or sister, your parents, or a friend to join the adventure with you. Then say the Junior Explorer pledge, sign the certificate, and you’re on your way to exploring and protecting America’s public lands. Have fun and good luck!

Junior Explorers

Check out our Junior Explorer Activity Books from Idaho:

Trekking Volcanoes in Eastern Idaho
Cress Creek Nature Trail | North Menan Butte Trail | Lava Trail System


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