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Environmental Education: Student and Teacher Resources

For Kids

Junior Explorers: Become a BLM Junior Explorer. Get out there, complete the tasks, and join the ranks of Junior Explorers around the country!

Fire in Wildhorse Basin: These ecoventures will expand your knowledge of wildfire and the sage-steppe habitat of the Western United States.

Burning Issues: Explore the exciting but dangerous world of wildland fire management. Then challenge yourself in the Fire Command Center when a wildland fire is reported.

Fun and Games: Learn about weeds, energy, and public lands while having fun!

History Mysteries: Grab your detective gear; it’s time to investigate some of history’s coolest mysteries!

For Teachers

Wonder into Wilderness: Outdoor lessons for curious young learners to be educated on Wilderness | More Wilderness activities

Youth Action Guide for Study and Stewardship of Community Riparian Areas: Introduce students or youth group members to riparian areas--what they are, how they function, and why they are important to the community. The Student Action Guide provides information and instructions they will need to explore and understand the "GREEN Zone."

Heritage Education: Introduce the wonders of the past to students of all ages!

Programs in Your Area:  BLM has several innovative partnerships with schools, focusing on educational programs ranging from history and culture to fisheries and watersheds.

Hands on the Land: Network of outdoor classrooms supported by Partners in Resource Education (PRE), a coalition of six Federal agencies: Bureau of Land Management; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; National Park Service; U.S. Forest Service; Natural Resources Conservation Service and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  

Salmon: This program provides youth with learning opportunities of broader ecological themes such as: multiple use management, the landscape approach to public land management, forestry and riparian restoration, climate change, fire ecology and defensible space.

Coeur d' Alene: This program will engage Middle School youth (grades 5-7) in the two northern-most Idaho counties (Bonner and Boundary) in outdoor programs. The program is aimed at youth who are in a stage of life where they are forming values or starting to act upon values that are in the formative level.

Challis: This area has both prehistoric and historic cultural sites along with aquatic, riparian and upland range sites for the study of natural processes and the impacts of human actions. Specific attributes of this site include the Challis Bison Jump, Land of the Yankee Fork Visitor Center, the Salmon River and natural and impacted range sites.