BLM Idaho Artist-In-Residence

2014 Artist-in-Residence

Southern Idaho features some unique and dramatic landscapes, including winding rivers, deep canyons, vast areas of sagebrush steppe habitat, and hidden springs and waterfalls, all of which can provide inspiration to an artist with an eye for color, shape, and shadow.

In 2014, Idaho BLM is hosting two artists-in-residence. The program in the Bruneau-Jarbidge River Wilderness was completed in May and the program in the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness is scheduled for September.

We are pleased to announce that Jany Rae Seda was selected as our first Artist-In-Residence. Jany Rae is currently working on art that was inspired by her float of the Bruneau River in May. Check out what she's working on below.

 May Artist-In-Residence JanyRae Seda    May Artist-In-Residence JanyRae Seda    May Artist-In-Residence JanyRae Seda  May Artist-In-Residence JanyRae Seda  May Artist-In-Residence JanyRae Seda

Are you ready for your opportunity to be our September Artist-in-Residence? Learn more below.


Take a hike, or several, as well as a camping, horseback riding or backpacking trip in areas within the Owyhee Canyonland Wilderness Areas during the September 2014 residency. Comprising more than 500,000 acres, these areas were designated as wilderness through a bill introduced by Idaho’s Senator Crapo and supported by Idaho’s entire congressional delegation. The artist should be comfortable in a wilderness setting and experienced in hiking and potentially camping; they should plan to bring appropriate clothing/footwear/outerwear for this purpose. We can provide a tent and camping gear, food for any backcountry trips we host.


The six Owyhee Canyonland Wilderness Areas lie in the southwest corner of Idaho and contain cold-water streams and canyons ranging in height from 250 to over 1000 feet. The canyons and their adjacent uplands provide habitat for several sensitive wildlife species. Some canyons contain unique rhyolite pinnacle formations known as “hoodoos.” Visitors to these remote and rugged wilderness areas will experience outstanding opportunities for solitude, very low levels of human impacts, and will enjoy several primitive recreational opportunities, including river floating, backpacking, horseback riding, angling, hunting, camping, rock climbing, enjoying scenery, and nature study. The remote canyons, rugged mountain areas, and wild & scenic river segments offer destinations for virtually every type of recreational user.


The Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Program promotes awareness through art of the exceptional natural and cultural treasures protected by the National Landscape Conservation System. The program provides an opportunity for learning and dialogue about the value of these public lands resources. It will engage and inform an audience through outreach by AiR participants, and provide quality, uninterrupted time for artists to pursue their work.

Artists will donate a digital copy of at least one original work created during and reflecting their experience in the Owyhee River Wilderness, which promotes appreciation and conservation of the public lands. The artwork should address content related to natural and/or cultural resources within these wilderness areas.

PROGRAM GOALS: The Artist-in-Residence program is intended to promote

  • Appreciation of the cultural and natural resources protected within the BJOR wilderness areas;
  • Awareness of the unique and the fragile nature of these resources; and
  • Visitor ethics and conduct that support resource preservation.

The Idaho BLM Artist-in-Residence program is open to all professional artists over 18 years of age who are United States citizens, and who apply within the deadline period.

The Idaho BLM AiR program will consider any medium suitable for digital reproduction including two-dimensional visual still media (such as painting, photography, printmaking), literature, video, music, etc.

TO APPLY: Please use the application form below. Your application should be accompanied by art samples in the format specified, your resume showing relevant previous work and achievement, and a narrative describing your project proposal.

Applications may be sent by email OR physically mailed (on paper or CD/DVD) but NOT BOTH.

2014 Idaho BLM Artists-in-Residence Application Form


  • Visual Artists (photographers, painters, sculptors, etc.): Submit 4 to 10 images by email or on CD or as 35mm slides or as 8x10 color prints. Digital images must be in JPG or TIF format, maximum size 5 MB each.
  • Videographers: Submit two productions, or segments thereof, not to exceed 5 minutes total, on CD/DVD (MPEG file format).
  • Writers, Poets: Submit 10 pages of written samples, double-spaced. (Print or Word format)
  • Musicians, Composers: Submit two compositions, or segments thereof, not to exceed 5 minutes total, on CD/DVD (WAV, MP3, or WMA file format)


Final selections are based on the merit and professionalism of the artist and the proposal. Applications will be evaluated according to these elements:

  • ART: Artistic merit of sample work submitted
  • PROPOSAL: Originality, quality, feasibility. Proposal should address program goals and natural or cultural resources within the BJOR Wilderness areas
  • EXPERIENCE: Applicant's background and previous accomplishments; also include a short list of past outdoor experiences

Selection is solely based on merit, without regard to sex, race, religion, national origin, employer, or physical ability.


Residency is scheduled for September 20-27, 2014.


When not camping in the wilderness, the District has a guard station in the area where the artist can stay. Shower, kitchen, refrigerator are all there for a home away from home.

With advance notice, a selected artist may bring along a companion or immediate family member, provided that lodging is available and he/she does not interfere with the artist's productivity. Any additional costs will be the responsibility of the artist and not borne by the AiR Program.


Under the volunteer agreement, the artist will provide their own transportation.


Because of the remote location, the artist and/or the BLM crew will have a satellite phone or S.P.O.T. BLM personnel also carry a first aid kit in the backcountry.


Artist is responsible for personal expenses including meals (except backpack and/or horseback trip, when BLM may provide meals), transportation, cell phone, internet access, or insurance coverage. Some insurance coverage is provided under the required BLM Volunteer Services Agreement. The artist will be responsible for additional costs for any companion, such as lodging, meals, amenities, etc. The artist will be reimbursed for a portion of their expenses at the end of their residence.


In addition to other terms described on this page, the program participant will sign and be covered by the official BLM Volunteer Agreement during the residency period. The participant must abide by the same rules of conduct as any other visitor or volunteer. Most of the Wilderness areas are accessible by foot; vehicle access is limited. The artwork must not identify archaeological sites that are not otherwise publicized.


The resident artist must provide BLM with a high-resolution and reproduction-quality digital version of at least one original artwork created during the residency or as a result of it, which may be reproduced by the BLM in any print or electronic format in perpetuity. The product is due to BLM within one month (30 days) following the end of the residency period.

The product must not identify nor communicate the location of archaeological sites that are not otherwise publicly identified for visitors.


The Artist-in-Residence is expected to conduct at least one 45-minute public presentation during the residency period. Please include a description of your planned presentation with your application.

The presentation should be developed using only a few hours of the artist's time, and tailored to the artist's medium and interests. Presentations may utilize almost any format including demonstrations, talks, slide shows, exploratory walks, or hands-on workshops. Artists must provide their own supplies and equipment for these public presentations.

The artists will give this presentation during a local event TBD.

Artists are also requested to give public presentations in their home communities about their residency experience after the residency ends.


The artist agrees that artwork produced under the AiR program may be reproduced for use in perpetuity in exhibits, publications, or other educational purposes by the Bureau of Land Management or by its cooperating nonprofit partners.

The artist retains copyright © to the artwork produced under the BLM AiR Program. The BLM, where possible, will identify the artist as the creator of the image(s) on materials it produces and/or distributes.

When the artist reproduces the artwork for his/her own purposes, captioning or publication information must include the statement: "This artwork was produced under the Artist-in-Residence Program of the Bureau of Land Management at the [Owyhee River Wilderness]."


Program participants will abide by all local, state, and federal laws including all BLM rules and regulations appropriate to the Idaho BLM sites during their residency. Wilderness area managers, the local site AiR Program coordinator, or the national BLM Artist-in-Residence program office have the right to cancel any artist's residency immediately for inappropriate behavior or serious disregard for safety or BLM regulations. AiR Program participants will be official BLM Volunteers, and are encouraged to promote appropriate site etiquette and landscape conservation in any public contacts while acting as the Artist-in-Residence.