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BLM Idaho Artist-In-Residence 

BLM Idaho's Artist-in-Residence Program

Scott Carter explores the canyonBackground

Artists see beauty and virtue in the natural places that are promised to future generations of Americans by the management practices of the BLM. They also look closely at the way the world works, notice things that others may miss, challenge ideas, experiment, and create new ways to perceive the world. The BLM's Artist-in-Residence (AIR) participants are encouraged to use these skills in depicting the variety of cultural and natural resources on BLM lands, including historic structures, artifacts, cultural landscapes, geologic features, and plant and animal life. These artists "translate" the resources--the heart of BLM's mission--into images, objects, and performances that bring others enjoyment and a deeper understanding of the public lands. The AIR Program creates a structure to share the scenic beauty and unique stories of the BLM’s landscapes with the public through the world of art.  See the national showcase of work created by artists in the last two years.

The BLM AiR Program supports the knowledge that artist's creative works foster pleasure and appreciation in others, which in turn generate support for the appreciation, protection, and preservation of our natural and cultural resources on public lands.

Creative Foundations

The Program is inspired by a long history of artists and conservationists supporting our public lands. Artists provide a catalyst for developing connections to these treasured landscapes by promoting stewardship and deep appreciation for these special places across our Nation.

The American public can look back at a rich legacy of early conservationists who inspired an awareness of the value of public lands such as John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, and Stephen Mather. Their awareness was shared by creative artists such as Thomas Moran, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Hill, Ansel Adams, Maynard Dixon, and more recently, Ken Burns. 

General Requirements

  • Each selected BLM AiR program artist develops a project that promotes public appreciation of the landscape, raises awareness of these unique and fragile environments, and inspires visitors to preserve these irreplaceable natural and cultural resources.Annie Lampman explores the canyon
  • Each artist receives housing and studio space within or adjacent to the participating BLM site.
  • Each artist spends at least one week in exploration and immersion in the Bureau-managed landscape and is encouraged to depict the expansive variety of cultural and natural resources of BLM lands including historic structures, artifacts, cultural landscapes, the local ecosystem, and wildlife.
  • Participating BLM AiR Program artists translate the BLM's mission and purpose, as the steward of places of natural and heritage significance, into images, objects, and performances which bring others enjoyment and a deeper more heart-felt understanding of the public lands the Bureau manages.

Idaho's Artist in Residence Program

In 2014, Idaho BLM is hosting three artists-in-residence in Southern Idaho. This area features some unique and dramatic landscapes, including winding rivers, deep canyons, vast areas of sagebrush steppe habitat, and hidden springs and waterfalls, all of which can provide inspiration to an artist with an eye for color, shape, and shadow.

The Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness lies in the southwest corner of Idaho and contain cold-water streams and canyons ranging in height from 250 to over 1000 feet. The canyons and their adjacent uplands provide habitat for several sensitive wildlife species. Some canyons contain unique rhyolite pinnacle formations known as “hoodoos.” Visitors to these remote and rugged wilderness areas will experience outstanding opportunities for solitude, very low levels of human impacts, and will enjoy several primitive recreational opportunities, including river floating, backpacking, horseback riding, angling, hunting, camping, rock climbing, enjoying scenery, and nature study. The remote canyons, rugged mountain areas, and wild & scenic river segments offer destinations for virtually every type of recreational user.

Stay tuned to this webpage, as well as our Facebook and Twitter, for the latest news about our AiR program and to learn about opportunities to be our next artist!

FREE POSTERS featuring artist work now available at BLM offices!

Artist in Residence Poster #1 Artist in Residence Poster #2 Artist in Residence Poster #3 Artist in Residence Poster #4

Good News! Idaho was chosen to represent the National Artist in Residence Program! This poster features art from JanyRae Seda!

National Artist in Residence Poster

Artists in the NEWS - Idaho Press Tribune | Boise Weekly

Community Art Displays

Scott Carter at Marsing Art in the Park
Scott Carter displays work at Marsing Art in the Park
Artists in Residence Display Artwork at BLM Office in Boise, Idaho
Artists in Residence Display Artwork at BLM Office in Boise, Idaho
Scott Carter, JanyRae Seda, and Annie Lampman present artwork at BLM presentation
Scott Carter, JanyRae Seda, and Annie Lampman present artwork at BLM presentation
 Artists Present Artwork at Cinder Winery in Boise
Artists Present Artwork at Cinder Winery in Boise
 Artists Present Artwork at Cinder Winery in Boise
Artists Present Artwork at Cinder Winery in Boise
 Artists Present Artwork at Cinder Winery in Boise
Artists Present Artwork at Cinder Winery in Boise


Meet the 2014 Artists in Residence 

Jany Rae Seda

JanyRae Seda
Oil on canvas painter

Local Treasure Valley artist Seda learned the art of oil painting from her education at the Art Institute of Chicago and has participated in many art shows throughout the West, seeking out unique landscapes and wildlife to paint. JanyRae often make detours on roads less traveled for subject matter. Over the past few years JanyRae has established herself as a painter in the west. Using a brush and palette knife she fills her compositions with bold strokes of rich pigment, vibrant lighting, and rough texture. JanyRae’s depth and movement are created by allowing the original undertones to seep through. Her 1895 studio in downtown Boise, Idaho is where she paints full-time. When not on the road you can find her there working on paintings of clouds, landscapes, trees, wild life and folks she meets along the way. Seda’s work tells a story, expresses joy, and makes you smile.




   Artwork by BLM-Idaho Artist in Residence Jany Rae SedaClick here to view the full collection.

























Scott Carter


Scott Carter
Landscape Photographer

Scott Carter’s passion for capturing the enormous beauty of the outdoors derives from growing up in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and in his exploration of Idaho’s wild areas over the past 34 years. High contrast land- and sky-scapes, often in black and white, provide combinations of light and dark, close up, middle-ground, and nearly-surreal dimensions. His compositions reveal grand depth of field and delightful perspective guided by an audacious love of mixed and saturated color. Scott’s love affair with Nature in all its moods cast and recast by changing light, echo strong influences from Plein Air painters of the early 1900s. His powerful photographic and painted images are a unique marriage of a personal vision and an old world perspective. Scott crafts his giclée images – pictures captured in digital photography – into finished works printed on the highest quality canvas, photo paper, and even metal.



  Click here to view the full collection. (includes photos by Scott Carter and Annie Lampman)

Photos by BLM-Idaho Artist in Residence Scott  Carter


























Annie Lampman 

Annie Lampman

Annie Lampman has a MFA in creative writing and teaches writing—in all its various forms—at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho where she lives with her husband, three teenaged sons, and a bevy of hens, dogs, cats, and love birds. Her essays, poetry, and fiction have been published or are forthcoming in: Orion Magazine; High Desert Journal; Crab Creek Review; Cirque; Adanna Literary Journal; Wild Horses: The Women on Fire Series; Dunes Review; WORK Literary Magazine; Wilderness House Literary Review; Word River; IDAHO Magazine; The Meadow; Copper Nickel: Women Writing the West; and Talking River Review. Her work was nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2015 and previously awarded a Pushcart Prize Special Mention as well as an Idaho Commission on the Arts writing grant. Her first novel is currently under consideration in New York. She was delighted to be awarded a wilderness artist’s residency through the Bureau of Land Management’s Artist-in-Residence program. 

"...I came to the desert in order that I might see something new, something I have never seen before, something I would never likely see on my own....I found it in the form of a desiccated frog—juniper-bark brown, long-toed feet arranged underneath it in repose, small snout of a nose, bony-ridged back, eyes dried shiny black—resting on the Mud Flats Guard Station floor. It—the frog—says everything about this place, this land of contradiction: A place baked harsh enough to suck all your bodily fluids dry, leave you husked and drifting, as insubstantial as air."

- Excerpt by: Annie Lampman