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BLM Idaho Artist-In-Residence 

BLM Idaho's Artist-in-Residence Program

Scott Carter explores the canyonArtists look closely at the way the world works, notice things that others may miss, challenge ideas, experiment, and create new ways to perceive the world. The BLM's Artist-in-Residence participants are encouraged to use these skills in depicting the variety of cultural and natural resources on BLM lands, including historic structures, artifacts, cultural landscapes, geologic features, and plant and animal life. These artists "translate" the resources--the heart of BLM's mission--into images, objects, and performances that bring others enjoyment and a deeper understanding of the public lands. See the national showcase of work created by artists in the last two years.Annie Lampman explores the canyon

In 2014, Idaho BLM is hosting three artists-in-residence in Southern Idaho. This area features some unique and dramatic landscapes, including winding rivers, deep canyons, vast areas of sagebrush steppe habitat, and hidden springs and waterfalls, all of which can provide inspiration to an artist with an eye for color, shape, and shadow.

The Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness lies in the southwest corner of Idaho and contain cold-water streams and canyons ranging in height from 250 to over 1000 feet. The canyons and their adjacent uplands provide habitat for several sensitive wildlife species. Some canyons contain unique rhyolite pinnacle formations known as “hoodoos.” Visitors to these remote and rugged wilderness areas will experience outstanding opportunities for solitude, very low levels of human impacts, and will enjoy several primitive recreational opportunities, including river floating, backpacking, horseback riding, angling, hunting, camping, rock climbing, enjoying scenery, and nature study. The remote canyons, rugged mountain areas, and wild & scenic river segments offer destinations for virtually every type of recreational user.

Stay tuned to this webpage, as well as our Facebook and Twitter, for the latest news about our AiR program and to learn about opportunities to be our next artist!

Meet the 2014 Artists in Residence 

Jany Rae Seda 
Oil on canvas painter

Jany Rae Seda

 Oil Painting inspired by Bruneau-Jarbidge Wilderness by JanyRae Seda Oil Painting inspired by Bruneau-Jarbidge Wilderness by JanyRae Seda Oil Painting inspired by Bruneau-Jarbidge Wilderness by JanyRae Seda

 Oil Painting inspired by Bruneau-Jarbidge Wilderness by JanyRae Seda  Oil Painting inspired by Bruneau-Jarbidge Wilderness by JanyRae Seda Oil Painting inspired by Bruneau-Jarbidge Wilderness by JanyRae Seda

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Scott Carter

Scott Carter



 Photo by Scott Carter   Photo by Scott Carter  

More coming soon....

Annie Lampman

Annie Lampman





"...I came to the desert in order that I might see something new, something I have never seen before, something I would never likely see on my own....I found it in the form of a desiccated frog—juniper-bark brown, long-toed feet arranged underneath it in repose, small snout of a nose, bony-ridged back, eyes dried shiny black—resting on the Mud Flats Guard Station floor. It—the frog—says everything about this place, this land of contradiction: A place baked harsh enough to suck all your bodily fluids dry, leave you husked and drifting, as insubstantial as air."

More to come soon!