Deer Mouse

Description: Deer mice are very small, with brownish fur, white feet, and usually white undersides. They have larger eyes and ears and long tails, sometimes as long as their bodies, which are usually brown and white. 

Deer Mouse
Deer Mouse, courtesy of the National Park Service 

Habitat: Deer mice can adjust to many different climates and as a result, are one of the most widely distributed mammals in North America. You can see them scurrying on BLM lands underneath shrubs, in grasslands, and in forests. They also prefer human houses, and are often considered to be pests.

Food: These little rodents love to eat seeds, nuts, acorns, and other similar items that are available. They also love to munch on fruits, insects and insect larvae and fungi. They often store food near their nest sites. They love human food, which is one reason they often end up living in or underneath houses and barns. Store foodstuffs such as dry pet food, grass seed, and boxed groceries left in cabins in rodent-proof containers to keep these little creatures out of your food supply.    

Fun Facts:
There are no methods known for successfully keeping deer mice out of houses by means of sound. Ultrasonic devices that are commercially sold and advertised to control rodents and other pests have not been proven to keep deer mice away. 


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