Visit, Learn, Volunteer, Partner...on America's Public Lands

The 12 million acres of BLM public lands in Idaho are the perfect place to learn and explore.  Learn about the exciting events, opportunities and resources on America’s Public Lands. Visit the links below and discover what the BLM has to offer to educators, students, visitors, partners and volunteers. 

In the Spotlight  

"Childhood Exploration" Features BLM Education and Interpretive Programs: An upEnvironmental Educationdate on BLM Education and Interpretation activities features more than 30 programs across the BLM landscape.  The report is an overview of the BLM's accomplishments in education, interpretation, and youth involvement. The report includes activities of BLM's "Hands on the Land" sites, formal education programs, educational resources and professional development, as well as interpretation, the "Take it Outside!" program, and service learning.  A new section in this report describes the BLM's youth employment program and highlights internships and field schools.  Download a copy of the report.


Fun Activities

Junior Explorers

Student and Teacher Resources

Coeur d' Alene Eagle Watch

Learn more about sage grouse with our activity book

Boise Foothills Plant Guide 
You can purchase the guide for $6.00 at the the BLM Idaho State Office (1387 S.Vinnell Way); BLM Boise District Office (3948 Development Way); or at D&B Supply in Garden City. All proceeds from the sales go back into re-printing the guide.

Wildflowers of Southwest Idaho Coloring Book

The BLM partners with many environmental education providers, state and Federal agencies and local schools and universities to bring quality education to teachers and the citizens of Idaho.  This allows us to provide information to you on our outstanding natural and cultural resources statewide in the most efficient way possible.

**LEARN about Idaho's Wildlife**