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                                                                           Craters on the Moon National Monument

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BLM Twin Falls District Office

BLM Twin Falls District Office | 2878 Addison Avenue East | Twin Falls, ID 83301 | 208-735-2060 | Directory | Map

BLM Twin Falls District

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The Twin Falls District BLM manages 3.9 million acres across three different Field Offices; Burley (834,000 acres), Jarbidge (1.4 million acres) and Shoshone (1.7 million acres). A wide array of land uses occur on the District, which stretches east to American Falls, north nearly to Redfish Lake, west to the Bruneau Canyon and even manages a portion of Nevada. Nestled in the heart of the District is the Craters of the Moon National Monument, which features some of the best examples of recent basaltic volcanic flows on the mainland, and is jointly managed with the National Park Service. The Twin Falls District is also home to over 3.1 million acres of Greater Sage-grouse habitat which shapes and informs much of the work and many of the land use management decisions for proposed projects. Over 150 permanent and career seasonal employees work within the District – when the summer temporaries are hired for fire – we are closer to 300 employees. Major activities on the district include grazing, recreation, fisheries, fire and realty. Realty Specialists complete multiple high priority projects and authorize over 1500 Right of Ways for commercial and private activities. The Twin Falls District has a vast fire program, staffing 18 engine crews, one Tanker Base, two dozers, an interagency dispatch center, and ten fire stations; it is a busy place in the summer, and even busier in the fall with rehabilitation work taking place. The Twin Falls District has an impressive emergency stabilization and rehabilitation program, having a true landscape level impact to improve wildlife habitat. While the 2015 fire season was relatively quiet for the District, that is not the norm. The 15-year average is approximately 85 fires per year burning 183,360 acres with a 50/50 split between human and lightning fires.




  • Jarbidge - Historic Town of Jarbidge 
  • Jarbidge - Mon Tung Chinese Site
  • Jarbidge - Toana Freight Station
  • Jarbidge - Owlsley Bridge
  • Oregon-California National Historic Trail
  • Shoshone - Wilson Butte Cave
  • Shoshone - Craters of the Moon
  • Shoshone - Project Remembrance locates historic crash site; honors veterans