BLM Boise District in Southwestern Idaho 

In the Spotlight 

Prescribed Burns in Southwest Idaho Will Support Research and Rangeland Health

Soda Fire Emergency Rehabilitation and Stabilization Current Status (Inciweb)

BLM Partners with Shoshone-Paiute Tribe to Grow Native Plants for Sage-Steppe Restoration




Current Projects

Gateway West Transmission Line

Owyhee Grazing Permit Renewal

BLM Authorizes Fuel Break Network between Boise and Glenns Ferry 05/12/15

The Proposed Bruneau Owyhee Sage-grouse Habitat Project 

National Conservation Lands

The Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness and Wild & Scenic River Management Plan

  • The areas affected by the Plan are the Big Jacks Creek, Little Jacks Creek, Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers, North Fork Owyhee, Owyhee River, and Pole Creek wilderness areas and the 16 wild and scenic river segments that flow through them. These areas are now part of BLM's National Conservation Lands.

National Conservation Area -
Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey


Special Status Species




map, Boise District, Idaho (southwest) shaded









The Boise District Office includes:

Bruneau Field Office

Four Rivers Field Office

Owyhee Field Office



Birds of Prey


Four Rivers

  • Ridge to Rivers (Boise Front)

Four Rivers Field Office Travel Management Planning (TMP)

  • Big Willow Travel Map


Project completed on Jump Creek access road ensures safe access to recreation facilities

Owyhee Field Office TMP


2015 Desert Discovery Days

Junior Explorer: Native Plants

Native Plants Gardens

SW Idaho Wildflower Coloring Book