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Lease Sale Protest Information   


June 19, 2014 Sale -- Protest Filed

    Natural Resources Defense Council -- Protest Letter

September 12, 2013 Sale -- Protest Filed

    John E Davis Jr and Marybeth P Davis-- Protest Letter (267kb)  Protest Dismissed

    Cynthia N Vigneron -- Protest Letter (94kb)  Protest Dismissed

    John & Elsa Weber -- Protest Letter (129kb)  Protest Dismissed

    Michigan Land Air Water Defense -- Protest Letter (1223kb)  Protest Dismissed

    Jackie Schmitz -- Protest Letter (54kb)  Protest Dismissed

March 21, 2013 Sale -- Protest Filed

    Natural Resources Defense Council-- Protest Letter with Exhibits (2421kb)

December 13, 2012 Sale -- Protest Filed

    Natural Resources Defense Council-- Protest Letter with Exhibits (1699kb)

September 13, 2012 Sale -- Protest Filed

    Protest Decision Part 1 - Protest Dismissed in Part, Denied in Part, and Defferred in Part

    Natural Resources Defense Council-- Protest Letter with Exhibits (7323kb)

June 14, 2012 Sale--Protest Filed

    Southern Environmental Law Center -- Protest Letter Part 1 (3646kb) Protest Letter Part 2 (3677kb) Protest Letter Part 3 (2621kb)

December 7, 2011 Sale--Protest Filed

    Forest Service Response to BLM -- Letter (112kb)

    Jane Palmer -- Protest Letter (22kb)

    Athens City Council -- Protest Letter (146kb)

    Athens County Commissioners -- Protest Letter (1138kb)

    Christine T Hughes -- Protest Letter (125kb)

    Bob Eichenberg -- Protest Letter (35kb)

    Michele M Papai -- Protest Letter (51kb)

    Ellyn Burnes -- Protest Letter (31kb)

    Athens Conservancy -- Protest Letter (240kb)

    Marcia Goldstein and David Herold -- Protest Letter (27kb)

    Kevin Smyth -- Protest Letter (75kb)

    Lynn Gedeon -- Protest Letter (79kb)

    Gay Dalzell -- Protest Letter (100kb)

    Mary Anne and Don Flournoy -- Protest Letter (70kb)

    Robert Sheak -- Protest Letter (101kb)

    Jeanette Ammon, James Massey, Steven Krichbaum, Azura Hawk-Ammon                                              --     Protest Letter (101kb)

    Nancy Walker -- Protest Letter (32kb)

    Ohio Unversity -- Protest Letter (53kb)

    Save Our Rural Environment Association -- Protest Letter (72kb)

    John N Howell and Robert L Wiley -- Protest Letter (88kb)

    The Hocking River Commission -- Protest Letter (155kb)

    Angela Morosko -- Protest Letter (49kb)

    City of Athens -- Protest Letter (645kb)

    Alyssa R Bernstein -- Protest Letter (58kb)

    Lynda and Joseph Berman -- Protest Letter (54kb)

    City of Athens Wellhead Protection Team -- Protest Letter (86kb)

    Todd Bastin -- Protest Letter (72kb)

    David C Wight and Joyce J Hanenberg -- Protest Letter (168kb)

    Buckeye Forest Council, Ohio Environmental Council, Sierra Club Ohio Chapter, the Center for Health, Environment & Justice, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Heartwood, and Environment Ohio -- Protest Letter (986kb)

    Kathryn C White -- Protest Letter (29kb)

    Burr Oak Regional Water District -- Protest Letter (51kb)

    Nancy Pierce -- Protest Letter (67kb)

    Heather Cantino -- Protest Letter (130kb)

    Greenfire Inc and Greenfire Farm -- Protest Letter (75kb)

    Paul Tescher -- Protest Letter (53kb)

June 16, 2011 Sale--Protest Filed
 Shawn Porter, Newton County Wildlife Association, Ouachita Watch League, The Arkansas Chapter of the Sierra Club, Friends of the Mulberry--Protest Letter (217 kb)  

    Alex and Jackie Finkbeiner--Protest Letter (36 kb)

    Dr & Mrs Turgut K Gokturk--Protest Letter (59 kb)

    M. Dickson--Protest Letter (32 kb)    Protest Dismissed (103 kb)

June 19, 2008 Sale--Protest Filed
     Kentucky Heartwood--Protest Letter  (240 kb)
     Susan and Carey Koplowitz--Protest Letter  (183 kb)
     Sarah Mincey--Protest Letter  (288 kb)