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Industry Expressions of Interest for Possible Oil and Gas Leasing, Eastern States

This page provides information about expressions of interest in Eastern States.  Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are informal nominations by the public that identify lands the BLM should consider for inclusion in future Oil and Gas Competitive Lease Sales.  Submitting an EOI to the BLM does not guarantee that parcels will be offered at auction. 

This table contains information about EOIs, including the EOI number; name of the submitter; date received; geographic state; status of EOI; and a link to download a PDF of the document.  Note that with these documents, the surface owner information has not been verified by the BLM and has been redacted.

EOI Number

Name of Submitter

Date Received

Geographic State

EOI Status 
(pending or completed)


 1802EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, LLC 2/3/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1803EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, LLC 2/3/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1804EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, LLC 2/3/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1805 Thach & Thach 1/13/2014 Mississippi  Pending 
 1806Thach & Thach  1/13/2014 Mississippi  Pending 
 1807EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, LLC 2/12/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1808EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, LLC 2/12/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1809EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, LLC 2/12/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1810 R.D. Williams & Co. 2/22/2014 Arkansas  Pending 
 1811 Thach & Thach  1/13/2014 Mississippi  Pending 
 1812 Stephen Smith 2/27/2014 Louisiana  Closed - Lands currently under lease 
 1813 Stephen Smith 2/17/2014 Louisiana  Closed - Lands currently under lease 


 Western Land Services


 Michigan  Pending 
 1823 Long Consulting  Group 4/7/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1824 Jason Warran 4/8/2014 Mississippi  Pending 
 1825 Jason Warran 4/8/2014 Mississippi  Pending 
 1826 Chevron 4/24/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1827 Mark Miller 5/1/2014 Mississippi  New 
 1828 Hunter Energy Corp. 5/13/2014 Louisiana  Pending 
 1831 Long Consulting Group, LLC 6/3/2014 Ohio  Pending 
 1832 Jason Warran 6/10/2014 Louisiana  Pending 

 * We are currently experiencing difficulties with links to PDF copies of the EOIs referenced in the table above.  Please be assured we will make them available as quickly as possible.