Menominee River

From just below the Big Quinnesec Dam near Niagara to the cities of Marinette, Wisconsin; and Menominee, Michigan, several of the public islands tower above the Menominee's pools and rapids and provide dry campsites and stunning vistas.  These islands add to the river's other attractions,including the Menominee River State Recreation Area and the Wilderness Shores camping areas.  The farthest island downstream is a heron rookery currently being restored in order to delist the Menominee River Area of Concern.

Below are links to BLM-managed public islands on this river.  These are in JPG format, 8.5 x 11 inches and show topographic features with islands indicated by stars.  To download, click on the icon or the name of the map.

Menominee_River_--_Little_Quinnesec1850 Kb02/22/2013
Men02_Piers_Gorge1654 Kb02/22/2013
Men03_below_Sturgeon_Dam1756 Kb02/22/2013
Men04_Grangers_to_Nose_Peak_Is1764 Kb02/22/2013
Men05_Pemebonwon_Is1614 Kb02/22/2013
Men06_Pemene_Falls1562 Kb02/22/2013
Men07_Chalk_Hill_Flowage1535 Kb02/22/2013
Men08_SixtyIs_WhtRapids_to_PikeR1499 Kb02/22/2013
Men09_BearPt_to_Koss1909 Kb02/22/2013
Men10_Koss_to_Grand_Rapids1692 Kb02/22/2013
Men11_Chappee_Rapids1819 Kb02/22/2013
Men12_Marinette1632 Kb02/22/2013