Middle Wisconsin River

The flowages between Stevens Point and Nekoosa are chock-full of more than 60 public islands, ranging from small, low patches of willows and alder, to large stands of mixed pines and hardwoods.  Below Castle Rock Lake, the islands down to Prairie du Sac are mostly floodplain forests with broad sandbars that invite paddler-campers.  A few of these islands have remnant prairie and savanna vegetation.

You may see prairies like this one on islands in this river.  Below are links to BLM-managed public islands on the Middle Wisconsin River.  These are in JPG format, 8.5 x 11 inches and show topographic features with islands indicated by stars.  To download, click on the icon or the name of the map.

Wisc11_DuBay0 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc12_NW_StevensPoint1446 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc13_StevensPointPlover1570 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc14_PloverBironFlowage1498 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc15_PloverBironFlowage1470 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc16_WiscRapidsPortEdwards1583 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc17_PortEdwardsNekoosa1543 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc18_Nekoosa_countyline1507 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc19_above_CastleRockLk1379 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc20_CastleRockLkCastleRock1317 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc21_CastleRockHwy821492 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc22_Hwy82LemonweirR1504 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc23_endCastleRock-Plainville1541 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc24_WisDells1633 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc25_Portage1635 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc26_I39bridge1807 Kb02/22/2013