Meadowood Barn Environmental Assessment

The Meadowood Horse Barn in Lorton, Virginia.


The Bureau of Land Management Eastern States (BLM ES) will make repairs to the horse-boarding facility at the Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area, in accordance with the findings of an Environmental Assessment (EA) released for public comment on February 18, 2014. The Meadowood Barn EA outlined the environmental impacts of alternatives for the structure.

This web page includes documents and links with additional information about the Environmental Assessment and final Decision Record.

Meadowood Barn EA  --Dated February 2014, this Environmental Assessment, including description of proposed action and alternatives, affected environment, and impacts of alternatives, was released to the public for comment.

Final Meadowood Barn EA -- Dated April 10, 2014, this final Environmental Assessment is the basis for the Decision Record.

Meadowood Barn Decision Record

Signed FONSI --  Finding of No Significant Impact prepared for this project.