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White River Field Office

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Public Observation Opportunities

When can I visit?

The gather began the afternoon of Oct. 11. Each day will be open for public viewing, but call the recorded line below for the latest information.

Please keep in mind that gather activities can change quickly.  This webpage and the White River recorded hotline will be updated daily.  For the latest information call the local White River hotline at 970-878-3837 for a recorded message, or for general information on the Wild Horse and Burro program call 866-468-7826.

What are the procedures?

The BLM is committed to providing as much public access as possible, however, the White River area is rugged and remote and public safety is our first priority. The BLM staff will be available each day to escort the public into observation areas.  The BLM will post information here before the gather begins for those wishing to participate. General details about the gather are provided in the fact sheet .

If you would like to attend gather operations, please call the information line listed above for meeting time and place.  

Know Before you Go

We will lead vehicles into the area we are gathering each day, but you will need to bring your own vehicle. A high-clearance, four-wheel drive vehicle will be necessary to reach most areas.

Some public viewing areas may require a short hike to access. Please be prepared to be outside in the elements for an extended period. There will be no facilities in the area.

Our goal is to provide public access every day we are gathering. Public viewing areas will be established by the contractor and operations chief at each site in an area that is safe and is not likely affect operations. Some public viewing areas will be closer than others, and some public viewing areas will offer a better view than others. Some of the gather sites are in very rugged, remote areas. Because this is a gather outside of the Herd Management Area, it will be mostly small groups of horses at each trap site.

We recommend you bring binoculars and telephoto lens.

The length of time gather operations are taking place each day will vary.

We will make every effort to update this website and the hotline every evening during gather operations with as much information about the gather site and viewing opportunities as possible.

Media Access Guidelines for Gathers


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Public Viewing at the Canon City Wild Horse Facility

Cañon City houses BLM’s largest wild horse and burro holding facility, and is one of five facilities in the nation with a Wild Horse Inmate Program (WHIP). The WHIP is a cooperative agreement between BLM and the Colorado Department of Corrections, in which select wild horses and burros receive personal and extensive training as part of an inmate rehabilitative program.  In addition to providing training services, inmates feed and care for all other wild horses and burros at the facility.

Wild horses from the White River gathers will be taken to this facility after they are gathered from the range. The BLM and the Colorado Department of Corrections will be hosting two public viewing days for those interested in seeing White River wild horses.

The public and media visiting day is scheduled October 27 from 10 a.m to 1 

* Any visitors wishing to attend must have thier background information to Fran Ackely, BLM Colorado Wild Horse and Burro lead, by Oct. 20

When making an appointment, visitors must declare if they are bringing any sound or other recording equipment. For security and safety reasons, visitors will be kept in a group and not allowed to wander the premises unescorted. Because this facility is located on a orison campus, additional precautions are needed.

Information needed to schedule a visit:

Identification, Dress Code and Prohibited Items

Consent Form

For more information, please visit the Colorado Corrections web site at: